Choosing to Love Myself


We’re going to be doing something different this month, and we've been itching to tell you all about it! February’s the month to celebrate love, and in our culture we spend no shortage of time and money to do so. But as we’ve been taking a good hard look around us—at ourselves, our families, our media and our world, we’ve realized so many of us struggle with one very fundamental thing—loving ourselves, and seeing ourselves as God does.

We spend our money trying to fit in, we pour over magazines and the latest how-to articles, and spend hours trying to emulate the beauty that the world glorifies. But at the end of the day, chasing after the world's standard of beauty and worth only leaves us exhausted, self-conscious, and hungry for true acceptance. And that's what the world wants, to leave us feeling like we have to buy more, do more, and know more in order to fit in.

This isn't God's way. God loves us unconditionally, and He can teach us how to as well. 

But why does this matter? Loving ourselves as God does defines us more than we realize! Loving ourselves in God's way teaches us that our self-worth isn’t based on our body, clothes, accomplishments or even talents. It instills in us that we were “fearfully and wonderfully made”, and that we were “bought with a price.” It gives us the love we need to love God's children, and the powerful peace that lets us know that we are enough, just as we are.


Wouldn’t it be such an amazing thing for ourselves, our daughters, our mothers, our friends and families, if we could each have this love for ourselves?

Let’s make this happen!

So this month we’re going to do just that. We’re going to “choose to love ourselves”, even as God loves us. And we want you to join us! The power is in all of us—and with recognition, work, prayer, and practice we can replace old, destructive habits with good ones. Please join us in this 18-day challenge.

Here's the challenge (and we hope you choose to accept it!):


This means no negative comments, no negative words, or negative jokes about yourself. Use the heart print (on the first page of the downloadable packet below) to track your efforts. Color in a section of the heart for each day you go without negative self-talk. (And if you mess up—it's ok! If you apologize to yourself and commit to trying again we'll let you fill in that section too)



As you stop saying negative things about yourself, create new habits that will fill this void. Use the challenge sheet to do something each day to develop new habits.


We are so excited to do this with you! And we have some amazing women co-hosting who will be right by your side! Follow along here at the Small Seed, over at our co-hosts pages and feeds (see below), and with the hashtag #choosingtolovemyself to share with each other!

A big thank you to the co-hosts (who you’ll hear a lot more from!) who are so passionate about this topic as well, we can’t wait to learn from you!

With love,


A huge thank you to Melanie Burk for creating the beautiful tools, pledge, and downloads that will be your guide map through this challenge! Access all the information and downloads by clicking below. 


Melanie is a designer, teacher, collector of happy, and lover of life. She’s got a dreamboat husband and three little girls that have taught her to find the beauty in a messy, joyful life. She believes that life is for loving and believing, and that the only thing really important is helping others to feel that same eternal joy that comes with love and belief. You can find her here: Website / Instagram / Online Shop

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