Lord Be Near — Finding God in Our Trials

The things we don't know—the who, the when, and the why of our worst fears—must not be permitted to overshadow the things that we do know.  Psalm 91 has given solace to many during this time.  While there may be “terror by night” and “destruction that wasteth at noon day,” our faith can conquer our fear.  Christ is at the heart of our courage. 

The Small Seed Symbolism + New Aesthetic

We each bring our own seeds of faith to this community.  We bring our potential and desire for growth, however humble.  Some aspects of our faith may be as a mustard seed, but we honor each one.  We choose to nurture these seeds because of their great poss

Family Lesson | Our Family Tree

One of the biggest challenges we've found in "doing family history" is bringing to life the people and stories, that too often seem distant and removed from our minds and our time....We've found that having those names represented visually, and even better, with pictures, is one great way to help remind us that they are real.

Family History Through Food

Family history whether written, spoken, recorded or tasted can be tangible through food—no better way to cement memories and build bridges than through something that we must do day in and day out! Whether that be around a small countertop or a large dining room table, we know that daily nourishment can mean a lot more than just filling up our stomachs.

Telling Stories, Connecting Hearts

Our stories connect us to our family. When we learn about our ancestor’s stories, a link is formed between us and them. When we record and share our own stories, we are doing our part so that same link can be formed between us and our future generations.

October: Family History Month

Family history has so much power and is so much more than old film or family charts that might first come to mind. October is family history month and we are ready to be all in with you this month on this topic!

Prayer In the Silence of the Heart

The most sanctifying prayers I have experienced are usually when I just stop, go to my knees, clear out my vocal chords, and seek my Father in Heaven.  I start out sort of venting, but eventually I quiet down a little and my soul settles.  I feel myself sink into a kind of listening, waiting attitude.