Learning from Eve: Sacrifice Defines Purpose

Sacrifice at the time may feel unfair, especially when the road we choose proves difficult and requires more sacrifice. But God knows, as Eve learned, that progress comes as we take steps away from the Garden of Eden and towards our gardens of Gethsemane. Away from our complacence and comfort and towards the labors of self-sacrifice (what God described for Eve as her “sorrow”). Indeed, as with Eve, we will take up the tools of the gardener and become more earnestly engaged in the work of the sower. 

Coming Out of the Fog: Purpose and Power in Christ

Christ gives you POWER, and there is no greater thing as a woman than that of your relationship with Christ. YOU get to define that, not anyone else. It refines your character, gives you purpose, power, and the ability to create a vision for your life that is unique to you. Your purpose is every bit as worthy as anyone else’s.

Stories of Faith | Harriet Tubman

I often wonder about the doors God opens for us. Did you ever stop to think that perhaps God opens doors for us not only in spite of our limitations or trials but also precisely because of them? Harriet Tubman was the perfect example of this. Her head injury could have destroyed her life....Instead, her injury set her on a path of renewed faith in God and a push from Him to work tirelessly to aid others. 

Study Guide: Finding My Purpose In Christ | February 2018

Why am I here? This is a question that comes from deep within us, from our need to know who we are and where we’re headed, from the Light of Christ that is given to everyone. While the world might suggest focusing on oneself when trying to discover one’s purpose, we know that the answers the world gives are rarely adequate. Instead, let us turn to the ultimate example, the Savior, Jesus Christ. 

February's Theme — Finding My Purpose in Christ

We invite you to make this month a little different. To take a good look at your life, your priorities, your faith. Are you the tool in God’s hands that you want to be? Have you risen to the stature that He sees in you? As you ask the questions, hear stories and study the word about these mighty transformations, we invite you to ask God where he has more transformation in store for you, too.

Looking at the Past from a Position of Hope

Eyeing the future and all the possibilities that lie ahead is the domain of one filled with hope. But what about viewing the past with hope? This feels like such a generous thing to do. Viewed with hope, the missteps and omissions of the past are a necessary part of a building a better future. They are the unavoidable stumbling and halting steps of the spiritual toddler staggering and teetering until steps turn to walking and then running.

Elizabeth Smart | Faith, Survival, and Resilience, Part 2

Believing in the atonement of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and knowing that he has felt everything that I have felt,  and that he has suffered everything that I have suffered, helps me I know that I don’t have to carry the weight of everything alone. I can give him my burden to carry. This knowledge has helped me more than I probably even realize. But that is what has allowed me to heal and to move forward in life.

Elizabeth Smart | Faith, Survival, and Resilience, Part 1

I had decided almost from the get-go that I would do whatever it took to survive, because I had something they couldn’t take away from me—I had my family’s love. And that was worth surviving for. Because maybe nobody else would ever like me or want to have anything to do with me, but my family would still be my family and they would love me and that was not only enough to survive for but it was worth surviving for. 

Remember Rest

Just as a blanket of snow protects and nourishes a field, the Lord’s rest protects and nourishes our souls. As you read the scriptures you can almost feel the blanket of protection and the warming nourishment in his words and invitation to “come unto me…and I will give you rest.”

Eggshells in Cookies and other Lessons I Learned From Cancer

I promised myself I’d store up my heavenly treasure by being the person God made me to be. It’s such an awesome thought that God created me to be the mother of these precious children—and He created them just for me! Even my “shortcomings” were glorious opportunities presented for a purpose, though they don’t always feel that way. They aren’t failures. They are gifts. So was my cancer. It just took me a while to understand that.

Study Guide: Review + Renew | January 2018

There is no one-size-fits-all method for progress. There is no magic bullet that can bring inspiration to each one of you in the same way, that can motivate all of you and drive everyone to change. There isn’t one study guide that can reach every single reader. But there is One whose power and influence is one-size-fits-all. There is One who can inspire each of you in just the way YOU need, who can motivate you and drive you to change your life in the way He would have you do.

Lord Be Near — Finding God in Our Trials

The things we don't know—the who, the when, and the why of our worst fears—must not be permitted to overshadow the things that we do know.  Psalm 91 has given solace to many during this time.  While there may be “terror by night” and “destruction that wasteth at noon day,” our faith can conquer our fear.  Christ is at the heart of our courage. 

The Small Seed Symbolism + New Aesthetic

We each bring our own seeds of faith to this community.  We bring our potential and desire for growth, however humble.  Some aspects of our faith may be as a mustard seed, but we honor each one.  We choose to nurture these seeds because of their great poss