To Be Known and Loved: Why Family Matters

I have learned from experience that Jesus’ redeeming power extends not only to individuals, but also to families. There are second chances for families. There are new beginnings. There are things that seem lost or too late or forgotten, which circle around in seasons of bounty, often least expected. Let us not lose faith in God’s mindfulness of and purpose for families. All families are part of His plan, even when they are untraditional, broken, unrealized, or estranged.

Stories of Faith | Corrie ten Boom 

I’m convinced that some women, like Corrie ten Boom, suffer horrific fates, carried only by their faith in God, so that people, years later, can continue to be inspired by them. Corrie’s story teaches us that if we open our hearts and eyes to the miracles taking place in our own lives, we’ll find not only are they there at every turn, but perhaps they are also evidence that God has a greater plan for us all.

Study Guide: The Family Is Of God | May 2018

Though the world is full of discord and people who are offended, who betray one another, and hate one another; though there are false prophets who rise and deceive many; though iniquity abounds and the love of many has waxed cold (Matthew 24:10-12), yet we can choose to reflect our divine nature in every word and every deed. We can choose to love all of God’s children. 

May's Theme — The Family Is Of God

Winston Churchill said, "There is no doubt that it is around the family and home that all the greatest virtues, most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened, and maintained." We could talk about the magnificent structure, systems, and traditions of the family...but ultimately the thing that makes the family one of the most important pieces of life is the Godly love that is found within.

Peace, Be Still — The Power & Light of His Love

I was living in a drug house in Arizona when my dad came and rescued me. I will never understand how he never gave up on me, despite the many failed attempts at helping me. If there is someone on this earth whose love for their child somewhat resembles the kind of love our Heavenly Father has for us, it is my dad.

Peace, Be Still — Forgiveness Through Christ

The power of Jesus Christ is so real. He is our Savior. I know that I have healed and have been forgiven for my sins and I have been able to forgive those who have hurt me. Most of all I have been able to forgive myself and understand my worth as a daughter of God and a Sister of Christ!

Peace, Be Still — Talking About Pornography

Because an addiction to pornography develops and reinforces over time and with repeated use, open communication is vital in order to understand the nature and extent of a user’s problem with pornography. Here, we share a few insights specifically for the spouse of a pornography user, in hopes that this will ease the anxiety surrounding tough conversations when this problem arises. As hard as this issue is, honest dialogue about pornography use can be healing for both parties and even mitigate the harm pornography has on the user.

Peace, Be Still — Understanding Pornography

It is helpful to know that a process addiction is fundamentally a “powerful form of learning.” Free will is forfeited by degrees, which means that at some point, quitting is no longer a simple matter of self-control. But while the user will never be able to “unsee” the porn, the compulsion can be unlearned.

Peace, Be Still — Recovering Through The Grace of God

Leaving behind my eating disorder is like leaving behind my identity. I have experienced a profound void and emptiness which my new interests, pursuits, relationships, and passions have yet to fill. I often feel so alone, wondering if God really is there watching over me, but I remember the scripture found in Psalms 34:4 which says, “I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

Peace, Be Still — You Are Not Alone

In that moment—the loneliest and darkest place of my life—I felt the comfort of a loving Father in Heaven. I felt the Spirit like I never had before. It was like a warm blanket wrapped around me and suddenly I knew that I would be okay, that I would come out the other side stronger. I felt peace and comfort and a small flicker of light.

Peace, Be Still — a Series on Addiction Recovery

For the last year at The Small Seed we’ve talked about addressing what could be one of the biggest and most furious storms of our time. In our world today, the tempest is raging. The spread of addiction is astounding, and the cost is debilitating. The purpose of this series is to teach you how to awaken and invite the Savior to come to your aid. We know that true healing only comes through the grace of Jesus Christ.

Growing Faith Together

We learn by example how to plant, tend, harvest and share the fruits of our faith. It feels like a great work, perhaps even a forgotten way of life we are working to preserve.That’s why, at The Small Seed, we need each other. Although we may be separated by distances and circumstances, here we are on the same plane (or perhaps, plain). It is so good to be reminded that we have friends in this effort!

Study Guide: Growing Faith | April 2018

To illustrate the process of Growing Faith, we have chosen to use the metaphor of the life cycle of a seed. Join with us as we explore the beautiful process of growing faith—from planting the seed of faith by nurturing hope, all the way through enjoying the many fruits of faith, like healing, knowledge, testimony, and salvation.

The Beauty of Holiness | Adira Botwinick

Holiness to me is a feeling based on a connection with G-d. I see holiness as an emotion and as a way of behaving. You can act holy. Not in a holier-than-thou way, but in a dignified way of being: talking, walking, being mindful of what you say, how you treat others, and keeping an invisible string between you and G-d strong.

The Beauty of Holiness | Jeannine Timothy

My mother inspired me to follow God, as well as several church teachers I have had over the years. I watched my mother say her evening prayers before the small icons she carried across the ocean from Greece to America....She exemplified the concept of being thankful for what she had instead of wishing she had something different, and she shared her blessings.