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I did not have an easy time finding faith in God. And that's hard for me to say, but I guess faith wouldn't be faith if it were easy. Faith is hard, and faith takes time.

And this story is not about faith in religion, or in scripture (although those are worthwhile stories to tell), it is about my most basic and primary faith in God, because that is what everything else rests on. It was a song. It was a song that sparkled like the second star to the right and brought me home. I was listening for more than just music that day, I was listening for answers. I was confused and sad and trying to decide if I wanted Heavenly Father to be a part of my life. But music has a way of calming the soul. 

I am a child of God. Those words sunk into me and I knew that they were true, not because of literature I had read or experiments I'd preformed or any sort of logic. I knew it was true because I could feel the rightness of it in my soul, and how my soul kind of whispered, yes, that is it. That is where I came from. And it was like when you hit two tuning forks that are exactly on pitch with one another and you stop hearing the vibrations so much as feeling them. My soul and that song, they were together, and right, and true. And I could not deny it. And I know that my Heavenly Father knows me, and loves me. And though I began to believe it with this song, it is something that I have continued to learn throughout my life. But whenever I'm having a hard time with my faith - because I do have hard days - I remember this song, and how it filled up my entire being, and how it was right.

And I'm telling you now, that you are a child of God, and that somewhere, He has given you your own little second star to the right. I promise it's out there. You don't have to invent faith, you just have to find it, and follow it home. I'll meet you there.


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