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I could share some trials with you that have written my story of faith—like experiencing a loved one’s tragic death and feeling the shakiness that comes from sudden change. But a special chapter of my narrative is told by how I've grown from embracing a blessing rather than enduring something challenging. Praying daily to love and be enlivened by my work as a mother has made my faith significantly grow and become real, bold, and vibrant.

My husband, Ryan, and I knew that we needed to start our family pretty soon after we were married, and I was excited and uneasy about that all at once. Of course the noblest of endeavors is helping someone else become great—especially when that “someone” is your own child. But different voices told me that in my early twenties, I should be doing everything other than working from my home with a baby, day in and day out.  

So I honestly wondered and worried: could I be a genuinely happy woman today in doing the "simple" work of a mother?

Since the trying times of my life have taught me to trust in this, “Ask, and it shall be given you” (Matthew 7:7), I took my every feeling about mothering to prayer. From my confident feelings  to my real, uncertain ones, I prayed to understand and see motherhood through God’s eyes. Twenty-something motherhood was undoubtedly part of His plan for me, so I wanted to be and feel excellent in that divine assignment. 

And you know what? My prayers to be fulfilled in doing the work of a mother were heard—every last one of them. 

As most women my age are adventuring, earning masters degrees, or working paid jobs, I honestly (if not a bit miraculously) feel that being a mother is just as laudable and exciting. So yes, I’m reading hardcover ABC books, making fruit purees, giving kisses, and getting slobbery smacks back. I’m on call every night. I don’t ever sleep in. I am at work for her every minute of the day. But against all natural and popular odds, I am progressing, content, and oh so happy to be a twenty-something mother.

Praying for talents and abilities to be a happy mother has worked, and that tells my most present story of faith: God hears and answers our prayers. Every last one of them.

jeni awerkamp

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