Music, Love and God: How to Know Things You Cannot See


A few months ago I received an email from a friend who I haven’t been in contact with in some time. Her email was short, but touched me deeply. She wrote that although she’s agnostic (which I knew and we’ve have had many conversations about), a few weeks ago she found herself praying for me and for my family and our situation. She said if by chance there was a God, then she wanted to ask his help for me. As I read the email I sat stunned for a minute, overwhelmed at her thoughtfulness for me, and even more at her desire to pray to a God she wasn’t even sure existed. I wrote her back, and among other things thanked her, and mentioned that if God does exist I’m sure he loved hearing from one of his children.

I’ve thought about her email so much since that time, and about how we can know. How can we know of things that we can’t physically see? Just like Paul taught the Corinthians, we can’t expect to know these things by looking at them with our physical eyes. But we can be just as certain that something is true when we learn of it spiritually.

For me it’s like the wind, like love, or like music. I know that God lives much in the same way, because it is something I feel, something I see the results of, and something that sings within me. I can feel his love for me as I pray, I can see His hand working in my life as I work for it and ask for His help, and at times when I stop to thank Him, my heart and soul are glad. I am grateful for the many times he’s worked miracles in my life, brought peace to my aching heart, and helped me feel real joy.

I’ve never seen him with my eyes, but I am just as sure he is real as if I had.

So thank you friend (you know who you are!) for praying even when you weren't sure if you knew. I believe God hears every prayer, but especially prayers like yours.

copy by
lizzy jensen