And God Answereth Him in the Joy of His Heart


 I think God's nature is a happy one. I mean, if He created babies to laugh, invented vibrant colors, and designed winter to turn to spring, He probably enjoys being happy. And if happiness is part of His nature, we naturally resonate with happiness, too. We are God's children!

I studied "joy" in the scriptures this week, and the end of this simple verse popped out at me, like it'd been waiting around the page until that moment to grab me:

And God answereth him in the joy of his heart.

Yes! So simply, God counsels, communicates, and confirms through the feeling of joy.

A few years ago, having just declared my major to be Marriage, Family, and Human Development at BYU, I passed through the glass doors of my college and joy overwhelmed me. Excited and enlivened by the building alone—the study of people and relationships—this was my field! The energy in my heart, plus my perma-grin, were my obvious and undeniable confirmations that I had made the right choice.

Note that answer didn't come with any words. Just a feeling—a real, big, happy, joyful feeling—poured into my mind and heart, and then I knew. The road I was walking was right, and God and I both couldn't have been happier that I found it.

Sometimes more is communicated through a feeling than a phrase—God's counsel to us is no exception. His answers come via the powerful and enlivening feeling of joy.


jeni awerkamp

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jeni awerkamp