10 Ideas to Get You Into God's Word


Here on The Small Seed we love to talk about the scriptures, and for so many good reasons. But even as much as we know that the scriptures are important, at different phases of our lives it can be tricky to find big windows of time to study. I know the scriptures are my lifeline, but sometimes it takes old fashioned creativity and planning to make sure I am as immersed in them as I want to be.

So today I've come up with a few ways to feast on the scriptures, even when we may not have time to. It may be surprising how easy it can be if we just plan ahead and use the time that typically goes to waste! So without further ado, here are 10 ways that we can feast on the scriptures, even (and especially) when we don’t think we have time to:

1  |  Listen to the scriptures instead of reading them. There is often time in my day (both as a parent, and when I was working) when I don’t have free hands to hold the scriptures, but could easily be listening to them. Times include: during a commute, while exercising, cleaning, cooking, playing with babies, driving, or unwinding from a long day.

A simple app or a google search will pull up many options for scripture recordings. Some even include music, commentary, daily devotionals, and study plans. Many can be used right from the website or downloaded to use later.

2  |  Memorize verses. Memorizing scriptures allows you to pull them to mind anytime. We often have little chunks of time we can use to memorize (my brother and dad even used to hang little laminated verses to memorize in the shower!). When I was commuting to law school in New York City, about 15 minutes of my hour commute I spent connecting to 3 different subways. Each stop was too quick to pull out a book, but I found that if I wrote down a scripture to keep with my metro card it was a great time to memorize. The best part about it was that the scripture would run through mind all day.

Have a hard time memorizing? Try setting scriptures to music! I still can remember verses that I learned as songs as a child.

3  |  Keep an extra copy of the scriptures in a place where you typically have "down time". Think about the times when you have a few extra minutes to sit and wait— the doctor’s office, before falling asleep, or in the bathroom, and then keep a copy of the scriptures there.

I love keeping the scriptures on my phone for this very reason! I always have my phone with me and can turn easily to my scripture app when I have a few minutes, without lugging around a big set of scriptures.

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4  |  Replace some of the time you spend on social media with scripture study. Not everyone is into social media, but many of us are. And for those of us that are, I am going to go out on a limb and say that this alone would solve the problem.

5  |  Use social media to help you read, especially if #4 is tough for you! A while ago I posted about this online scripture reading book club. I’ve been following along with my daughter Tillie and love it! I love seeing the comments and insights from others reading along. There are many online, Instagram and Facebook groups that send a verse a day, or a devotional a day. It’s amazing what’s already there if you just know to look for it!

6  |  Read with your kids! If you don’t have time to feast on the scriptures because you’re spending time doing other things with your kids, why not mix some of the scriptures into that time?

Some ways to do this include reading children’s versions, or telling your kids the stories in your own words. Talk to them about the people in the scriptures and what you love about them, or how you hope to be or not to be like them.

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7  |  Hang scriptures in your home where you can see them and focus on them throughout the day. I love seeing beautiful scripture prints up in my home, and it's so easy to find them online with a quick search on Pinterest or Etsy (which look so much better than if I try to create something myself!)

8  |  Choose a topic to focus on each week, and then choose a few verses a day around that theme. I’ve found that having a theme helps me focus and ponder more throughout the day, not just while I'm reading.

I’ve also used this to help me in my other goals. Do you have a goal of being more patient, more forgiving, or more loving? Find scriptures on the topics as motivation throughout the week.

9  |  Find a friend or family member with whom you can talk about the scriptures. Have a mini scripture study group and use phone time to uplift each other and talk about verses that have touched your life.

This is one of the reasons I love the Scripture Sunday’s series, because I get to hear your insights into the verses that I love!

Or, best yet:

10  |  Think about something in your life that you can cut out, and replace it with a real scripture study. If I’m being honest with myself, with a little planning on prioritizing I can usually fit a real scripture study into my daily schedule. For me this often means during the early morning hours or later at night, but I never regret it.

Have other ideas? Please share!

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