10 Things You Can Do to Feel Loved Today


As I thought of Valentine's Day, I kind of felt bad for the poor guy. What a big job it is to bring love to all of us in different stages of life, some single, some married, some working, some at home, some with kids, some with grandchildren (and even great grandchildren!), and some with none. Mr. Valentine sure has his work cut out for him. But what if there was a way we would be guaranteed to feel love, regardless if anyone remembers us or not?

Well here you have it—10 guaranteed ways to feel the love this Valentine's Day. That's right, I just guaranteed them.

1  |  Reach out to someone that you haven’t talked to in a while, "just because”.

2  |  Do something to make your body happy (no, junk food doesn't make your body happy, but being in nature, exercising, physical touch, or healthy food does!).

3  |  Put someone else's needs above your own. There is no love without sacrifice!

4  |  Watch this little clip about what love is posted back in June. Maybe grab some tissues first. 

5  |  Practice true charity. (Like giving the benefit of the doubt, forgiving, letting a grudge go.)

6  |  Think about a way you can show God you love Him (commit to keeping a commandment you haven't been keeping, or be a better friend to one of His children). 

7  |  Tell someone you love that you like them too. And tell them why.

8  |  Think about a time when your faith was strengthened. If you haven't recorded the experience, take time to write it down. 

9  |  Express gratitude: to God, to yourself, or to others. And be specific!

10  |  Look for the evidence of God's love for you. If you haven't felt it in a while, pray to be able to feel it again. 

Hope you have a wonderful day, and that you know how much God loves you, everyday.

copy by
lizzy jensen