Going Through a Tough Time? Why That Might Be the Best Thing For You


I'll start by making it clear that I'm not a professional photographer. However a few months ago (before I had three kids under two) I took a basic online photography class. One principle it covered was contrast. Contrast plays an important role in photography, and can add interest, dimension, help the eye focus on different subjects in the picture, and give an intended mood or feeling. Without contrast the big picture is washed out.

As I was editing some pictures last week, I started to think about the importance of contrast in our lives.

Beautiful contrast can be added to our lives by experiencing new things (food, travel, and people) but also comes in the form of opposition or trials. The bitter helps us prize the sweet, much more than only eating sweet ever could (why salt is an important part of a good cookie recipe—it’s the contrast!). The same is true with appreciating anything, including our health—I’ve never appreciated being healthy as much as when I’m sick. Most days I just expect my body to work without having to think about it at all!

The opposition in our lives has a great purpose, part of which may be to help us develop ourselves, to appreciate the good, and to have more empathy and love for others. It is easy to look at difficult times in our lives and question God and his plan, but think of what this life would be without the opposition? While I would never be one to ask for an extra trial, I’m convinced that without them I would never become who God wants me to be.

For those of you who are feeling an extra dose of opposition right now, hold strong. I know God loves you (you're His child you know!) and will help you through it. I also believe that, with time, He will show you the beautiful purpose to this contrast of your life.

copy by
lizzy jensen