How to "Be of Good Cheer"


I have a tendency to be so focused on improvement that I sometimes miss the beauty of where I am. I can be so busy trying to be ye therefore perfect that sometimes I need to take a good dose of the be of good cheer in John 16:33.

It is touching to me that in this verse the Savior commands us to be of good cheer, even when we are right in the middle of our own journey laced with imperfection, sin and weakness. He doesn't tell us to wait to be of good cheer until we're perfect, he wants us to be right now.

Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. 

What is even more special about this verse is it teaches us how. We can be of good cheer even amidst the sorrow of this world by trusting that the Savior overcame all of it.

Knowing that He overcame everything makes it easier for me to get back up again when I fall short. It gives me hope to keep trying when I fail. It helps me trust that my effort is worth something even when I can't seem to move past my own sometimes silly and sometimes damning weaknesses. Because He overcame the world, someday with His help I can too.

And in the meantime, I can use this scriptural stop-to-smell-the-roses to help me be of good cheer right now.

copy by
lizzy jensen

image by
Megan Knorpp