Lessons On Trusting: Letting Go and Leaning In

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I think one of the greatest opportunities to grow our faith is by trusting God. And I’m talking about the kind of trust that allows you to let go and lean on Him. To relax so fully into God’s hands that putting your hopes, your dreams, your work, and your worries is easy, smooth, and simple—like breathing. Inhale. You do your part. Exhale. You let go. I just saw this type of trust in my two-year-old daughter. We were hiking, and even though Olivia was six feet in the air, sitting a cloth bag attached to a thin, wobbly little frame, she trusted her dad to carry her. So much so that she slept heavily and peacefully. She drooled, even.

I’d say that having that kind of faith is real and as prized as anything…trusting so easily, so smoothly, and so simply can just be hard to do. At least it can be for me. Sometimes I get stuck with that workhorse mentality, the one that says, “Work work work. Don’t relax too much or it’s all going to fall apart. You make results happen.”

But no way, (good, bad, and ugly) experience has taught me that too much independence is the opposite of faith. Entirely! “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1). When I trust because of what I can see and what I can do, I'm not hoping for anything from God. That (risky) attitude just places faith in myself.

That’s why I think that genuine faith is grown in the act of letting go and leaning on God—when you relax and totally trust.

No doubt, God is so Almighty. If He can command the rain clouds to cover the entire earth in water, He can prompt a potential employer to give you a second interview (if it’s right for your life). He can give you the courage to start your family—or to keep trying to grow your family. He can take away all the “what if’s” from your mind. He will carry you.

So you can lean on Him. And I can, too.


jeni awerkamp

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jeni awerkamp