Our 5 Best (Inner) Beauty Tips


Lately beauty has been on my mind, and for an exciting reason! Tomorrow we get to share a really special story of faith from someone who has meant so much to our team, and who also happens to be kind of a big deal in the world of beauty. I know one big reason she resonates with her readers (besides the fact that she's uber talented) is because she always puts inner beauty first. I can’t wait to share her story with you tomorrow!

I, on the other hand, have never been really good at the beauty thing, and I have a ton of awkward pictures to prove it. I do make an effort to keep myself looking good, but I won’t live to see the day when a beauty sponsor comes knocking at my door! Thank heavens for people that are good at it and who can teach me their tricks and tips!

However our society is a little "outer" beauty obsessed, and the world can be so brutal in its harsh judgments about what is, and what isn’t, and who is and who isn’t, beautiful. The problem is that all too often the world gets it wrong! The world’s number one focus is what is on the outside. It claims that to find real beauty you just have to nip, tuck, exercise off, implant, paint over, and remodel long enough.

Thank heavens for spiritual leaders who help us see the potentially damning consequences that come when we focus too long and hard on our outward appearance, while neglecting the inner things that make us truly beautiful.

Have you ever seen a person that just glows—not because of anything they wear, whether they have on the right illuminator or bronzer, or if their hair is in the latest style? I believe this glow comes because of the light that's shining through from the inside.

Today I thought I would channel my inner beauty blogger (probably the only time I’ll have a chance to do so!) and put together a little beauty how-to, with the top 5 things I believe make a person truly beautiful.

1  |  Spend time reading God’s word. Remembering what God teaches us in the scriptures helps us find our worth in His eyes, which helps drown out the harmful messages from the world. Scriptures like:

For the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.

1 Samuel 16:7

2  |  Serve others. Service is my best antidote to getting sucked into the comparison trap! When we lose ourselves in service we find who we truly are.

3  |  Be grateful for the body you’ve been given! Showing respect and gratitude for our bodies helps us see them as the blessing they are, and prompts us to take care of them inwardly and outwardly through exercise, good food and what we put into our minds and hearts.

4  |  Love learning. Call me crazy, but when I am focused and open to learning new things I have a zeal for life that I think shows on my countenance.

5  |  Talk with your Father in Heaven. God loves us, He knows our gifts and talents and the things that will make us truly happy. He will help us find peace and contentment, gratitude and motivation. He will help us remember our worth in His sight.

So while I’ll leave the outward beauty tips to the real pros, hopefully one of these tips will help you see that what is on the inside matters most anyhow.

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