What Would Just 15 Minutes in the Scriptures Add Up to in Your Life?

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I recently re-learned why scripture study is so vital to my everyday life, which was fitting because my lately, harried, everyday life hasn’t had enough of them. And amazingly, yet not-so-surprisingly, the scriptures themselves speak volumes on the topic...

Your heart shall live that seek God. 

— Psalms 69:32

The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh him. 

— Lamentations 3:25

For thus saith the Lord…Seek me, and ye shall live. 

— Amos 5:4

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth forth out of the mouth of God.

— Matthew 4:4

AKA, if you're wanting a better, stronger relationship with God, read His word. If you want a more vibrant, open heart, read His word. If you want divine help, read His word. To truly love and feel and live, read His word.

Those are the “whys”—each revolving around coming closer to God and Jesus Christ—and I shared only a few of them.

“We sometimes hear the complaint, ‘I haven’t time.’ But…can we not arrange to find at least fifteen minutes in each day to devote to systematic reading and reflection? This would be but a trifling amount of time, yet it would be one hour and forty-five minutes in a week, seven and one-half hours in a month…and ninety-one hours and a quarter in a year.”

— Joseph Fielding Smith

To think of what I miss out on by not giving the scriptures just 15 minutes a day—all that help, life, and connection to God—is it worth the loss? No, not really.

So I’ve been on the mend—I've been weeding out unnecessary business, I've gone to bed earlier, and I've been waking up earlier to study. I have more progress to make; I want that closeness God even more—and heavens, I need way more divine help!—but  it's working. Just like waves move toward the shore, scripture study subtly and naturally brings us closer to Him.

I love them that love me. And those that seek me…shall find me.

— Proverbs 8:17


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