Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bread


Yesterday Tillie Rose and I made some bread. As we added each ingredient, my mind went to the many scriptures that use the symbols of bread, yeast, salt, and olive oil. I love that so many of the analogies in the scriptures are of everyday things (candles, coins, fish, bread, families), so that I'm frequently reminded of my faith during the daily happenings of life! As I watched the dough rise and began to smell the bread baking in the oven, my mind continued to mull over the concept of “daily bread”.

The symbol of bread is used often in the scriptures. One of my favorite stories is of the children of Egypt and the manna. One lesson that stands out to me in the story of the manna is the importance of feasting daily. This is oh-so-applicable to our spiritual feasting as well. To gain faith we can’t feast spiritually one day, and then starve the next. Developing faith requires daily consistency, and it’s the small things—even the mundane things—that we do daily that eventually shape us into a person of faith.


As D. Todd Christofferson said,

“It is one day at a time that we raise and nurture our families. It is one day at a time that we overcome imperfections. We endure in faith to the end one day at a time. It is the accumulation of many days well-lived that adds up to a full life and a saintly person.”

The daily things matter.

Just like we must eat daily to give our bodies sufficient strength and energy, we also have to feed our spirits every day to have strength we need to overcome temptation, serve each other, and become the person we hope to be.

copy by
lizzy jensen