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You may remember our favorite Mother’s Day feature this year with this song by Calee Reed, we were so touched by her music and testimony, and heard from so many of you who were as well! It’s an honor to get to share more from Calee today. She’s a musician, performer, and motivational speaker, and someone we've been inspired by for a while now. We can’t wait to introduce her to you!

Q: Tell us a little about what you do and what motivated you to do it?

I'm a singer songwriter, and I've been writing songs since I can remember. Every now and then I'll stumble upon a box full of papers from when I was a kid and laugh at the weird stuff I used to come up with. I wrote at least five songs about my favorite wristwatch when I was in the third grade. Even way back then, the thing that motivated me to write the most was love. I wrote songs about every single thing I loved—my watch (and other random toys) when I was a child, then many (many, maaaaany) songs about boys, and now I write about God and faith.

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Q: How does your faith play a role in your work?

Faith is the essence of my work. It's easy to compare as an artist—to look at someone else's songwriting or vocal talent and wonder if what I'm doing matters at all. Faith is what I always come back to. God gave me these gifts for a reason, and I believe in my heart that He's placed me on this path to make this music to touch other peoples' lives for good. Even if I only touch one, single person with music, all of my efforts would be worth it.

Q: What do you hope people take away from your pieces?

Hope! Courage! The feeling that they aren't alone, that they aren't failures for doubting or having fears or feeling discouraged. My music is about finding peace even when life is dark, or scary, or lonely. I hope that my music brings light and hope to the people who listen to it.

Q: What is your goal now, and how are your working to achieve it?

Ooh, I have lots of goals! I'm GREAT at setting goals. Not super great (yet) at accomplishing them (haha) BUT! I have faith that as I continue to work at them, I'll eventually get there. I'm writing for a new album, and a part of continuing on my current path is promoting that new project as well as my previous album. It's harder for me than you might imagine! I have a couple books I'm reading about how to promote your own music, plus I try to set and accomplish five small goals daily to help me achieve my bigger goals.

Q: Who's inspired you in your faith?

My parents have probably been the biggest inspirations as far as faith goes in my life. Watching them and the way they live their faith, not just talk about it, has shaped me into who I am today. I'm also inspired every day by people I meet who are kind, and live their faith in every action.

Q: What's your favorite scripture?

That's a hard one! There are so many amazing scriptures to choose from! I'd probably say Moroni 7:45 from The Book of Mormon (similar to Corinthians 13:7)—I love the breakdown of what love TRULY is. The world has such a skewed, selfish version of "true love" that we see in mainstream media, in songs, on TV…it's sad to me that so many young people don't realize what love truly is - and how beautiful it can make life.

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Q: How has your faith impacted you as a person?

My faith is everything. It is the reason I am who I am. My faith that we are all brothers and sisters leads me to try to be compassionate and kind. My faith that we don't cease to exist after this life leads me to be optimistic and careful in my actions. My faith that God loves us, and that Christ sacrificed His life for my sins, leads me to be humble, to believe in repentance, and to forgive others as I want to be forgiven. I am so VERY far from perfect, but my faith gives me something to aim for—it gives me daily hope that I can become the person God wants me to be.

Q: Where can we find you and your work?

You can look me up on YouTube and watch my music video about my family and Mom's battle with cancer—She Put the Music in Me by Calee Reed. I also speak and perform at weekend women's conferences called Time Out for Women and they are FANTASTIC— for details!

You can contact me directly at My album, The Waiting Place, is available on iTunes and at


Calee Reed

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