Dealing with Perfectionism: Letting the Light In


I’ve never liked Halloween. Maybe it's because I have a lot of fears and I don’t typically enjoy being frightened. But in light of the season, I thought it would be fitting to discuss one particular and terrible fear that is far too common in our human nature—that is, the fear of never being enough, also known as the burden of perfectionism. It's a fear that I battle on a regular basis, and maybe you’re fighting that battle with me? If so, I have a defense to offer you! I came across a song lyric the other day in a book I was reading that I now have plastered on my work computer, sticky-note style, where I can read it everyday, sometimes multiple times daily. It says simply “There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets through.”

That simple, yet profound phrase has been my armor the last few weeks, shielding my spirit from my own blows of presumed failure or real disappointment. The reality is that you and I are human. We aren’t perfect. In fact, we’re perfectly imperfect and in dire need of protection and help, a help that is ceaselessly extended to us in the form of our Brother and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How lucky are we to have someone to fight our battles with us? Maybe I’m full of cracks and imperfections, but I want to believe that they make me stronger. How? Because of my imperfections, I can call on Jesus Christ—correction I need to call on Him—for help. Because I constantly seem to fail by worldly standards, I have come to know I am nothing without Him.

I can’t be perfect of myself, but He is. And He wants to fight for me if only I let Him.

In fact, my “cracks” allow His grace, His love, and His mercy to fill my being. That is joy. That is strength. That is LIGHT. A light shining so brightly that I can clearly see that I may not be perfect, but I have something better. I know that with faith in Jesus Christ, I always, with perfect constancy, have perfection on my side.


kelly starman

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