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Andrea is one of the first women to be part of our Finding your Answers Series! It’s a special month–all month long we will be posting thoughts from inspiring women about finding answers from God as they live their life in faith.  Find more about this series here.

Throughout my life I have always written questions down in a notebook before reading my scriptures or saying my prayers. Someone taught me to do that when I was a teenager and I have been amazed with the clear direction I have been given as I have approached the Lord with direct questions. Currently in my life my questions are focused on my family. As a mother of two little children I am constantly worried about meeting their needs, but also living my life to the fullest so that I will be able to be as emotionally and physically present for them as I possibly can be. I run a company from home, my husband works extremely long hours and most days our work life feels overwhelming. But, as I pray and ask for direction I feel inspired to keep going and that we are doing what we should be. Although I have gotten that confirmation I still constantly reread The Family Proclamation because I think like most moms, I’m terrified of messing things up.

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One night I was reading in the Old Testament in the book of Samuel. I was reading about Hannah and when she was praying to have a baby. I really don’t know my Old Testament stories like I should so I felt like I was reading the story for the first time. (And maybe I was? WHO KNOWS!)  I think anyone during their childbearing years can relate really well to stories about infertility. Hannah wanted to have a baby really badly and wasn’t able to and then…she had Samuel! In Samuel 1:19 it says “and the lord remembered her.” Isn’t that beautiful? When I read it, I felt like God was speaking directly to me reminding me that He does hear all of those prayers I offer as a concerned, imperfect mother and spouse. And He was telling me that He hears them, and He will remember me too. In verse 20 it tells how Hannah named the child Samuel, "Because I asked him of the Lord." That day God reminded me that He cares about our families. He cares about our day to day interactions and the roles of each member. When we need something from Him for our families, we can ask and He will remember us too, just like He remembered Hannah. As I thought about my own family, and our roles, I was able to see how our prayers have been answered over and over again.

Finding your Answers series

How do I get answers to my questions? I pray, I read the scriptures, I fast and I even go to the temple. I pray and pray and read and read and then I just wait because Heavenly Father always answers my questions. And the very best part about it is that when He steps in and guides me the feelings that come are never feelings of doubt, uncertainty, discouragement or any of the negative thoughts I let roll around in my head during the day. They are feelings of calmness, love, peace and usually just a simple reminder that all of those prayers, all of those questions are being heard. And that just like Hannah the Lord remembers me, and He will answer my questions and prayers at the right time and in the most loving way. He is so kind to me, I hope with time I will be able to become like Hannah and show gratitude in the way I live my life for all He has given me.


Andrea Williams

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