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Elle Rowley, is the powerhouse woman behind Solly Baby. She lives her life with beauty and purpose, and it is so obvious in all that she does. You can't help but feel loved when you are around her–love is her focus and you can't help but feel amazing in her presence. She is truly uplifting, and you will see that in her answers, she is so close with the Lord. She is our next feature on our Finding your Answers Series! It’s a special month–all month long we will be posting thoughts from inspiring women about finding answers from God as they live their life in faith. Find more about this series here.

In your own life, how has the Lord guided and directed your path as you have asked questions and sought for answers?

In every way. I feel His guidance in every sphere of my life. Every move, every child, every career change, every major and often minor change in my life has involved prayer and quiet moments of meditation as I have searched for answers. The answers have always come. They’ve often come in pieces and sometimes more slowly than I’d like, but always with power and in a way that have left me confident that the answers have come from something beyond me.

What have been some of the questions you wanted answers to, or problems you wanted a solution to?

Growing up, there was a lot of turmoil in my family. I often felt lonely, despite being the youngest of seven, and so I would pray for comfort, security, love, calm. It always came in abundance.

I still pray for those things but now I rely on prayer for life decisions more than anything else. The practical things that seem superficial but have huge, lasting ramifications. My life has changed pretty drastically over the last decade. I have added on new roles on an almost annual basis going from college student to wife to mother to business owner. I’ve had so many questions and need for direction, I hardly even know where to begin.

I also pray almost constantly that I’ll be a good mother. Of all the things that I’m doing in my life, that’s the one I really don’t want to mess up. It’s just too important. And it’s HARD. Way harder than I ever thought it was going to be.

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What did you do to find answers? What are some steps you have taken to help you recognize the Lord was answering your prayers? How did the answers come?

For the life decisions the answers have come with precision. Comfort and peace have been slower to come the older I’ve gotten, but I think it’s because I get in the way. It’s tougher to trust, to be content, to not try to change people or circumstances out of my control. So those are sometimes the barriers for me to receiving answers. But when I am able to break down those walls and find a vulnerable place then the peace I’m searching for is always there.

With a busy and demanding schedule, how do you find the time to seek out the lord's guidance and His answers in how you live your life?

Finding time is always a battle, right? Life with an infant, a six year old, a three year old and running a business with my husband is …intense. The sad irony is that I need time to meditate and find answers more than ever and yet time is the one thing I have the least of! Still, I do my best to find it. Sometimes it’s praying while nursing my baby, scriptures with the kids at night, listening to talks on the way into the office reading on my phone at the gym. This year I’m really trying to put the time in to my emotional and physical health. It’s easy as a mother to let everything else take precedence but really what could be more important than just feeling your best so you can give your best?

All that being said, I try to be kind to myself. I do my best and let it go. Tomorrow is always a new day. It’s easy to make arbitrary goals of how much we are going to read each day or pray or whatever, but really it’s about bringing the Spirit into our lives every single day. That could happen in one verse of scripture or in a prayer. I always try to remember Elder Scott’s common phrase, “You’re doing better than you think you are.” I promise that you are.


Was there specific scriptures or talks that helped you as you searched for answers?

I’m always inspired by the Four Gospels and really any talks about love or service. I believe love is a filter through which you can view the world. I try to surround myself with talks and scriptures that focus on that. When I use a lens of love I have so much peace, I feel contentedness, I slow down, I don’t judge people, I am my best self. Now the trick is to keep that filter all the time! Haven’t figured that one out quite yet.

Was there ever a time when you felt like your prayers and questions were not being answered? What did you do?

I feel like that most of the time, honestly. There are lots of things doctrinally or culturally that come up that I don’t fully understand. I’ll pray to receive answers and nothing really comes but peace. That’s when faith comes in. I know that living my faith brings me closer to God, strengthens my relationships, and gives me peace in life. What more can I ask?


Elle Rowley


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