How to Incorporate Gospel Art In Your Home

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Organize yourselves; prepare every needful thing; and establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.

Doctrine and Covenants 88:119

Creating a house of God is something I know we all strive for, and it’s a simple and complex topic all at the same time. Our homes are meant to be a sanctuary and a refuge from the outside world—a place where we know we can come to can find love, peace, acceptance, security and so much more. However as a family of 8, it can sometimes feel like our home is just the opposite of that. It’s common for some type of chaos to be present almost all the time, just in the sheer fact that we have 6 children running around with different needs, personalities and schedules.

Each night after tucking all of our precious little ones in I find myself climbing into my own bed with a million thoughts running through my mind. Was I patient enough? Was I kind enough? Did I spend enough quality time with each of my children? It’s a time of self-reflection and a time to think about what went well and what I could do better the next day. Most often the question on my mind is how can I make our home more of a House of God? What can I do differently or what could I improve upon to bring more of those feelings of peace, security, comfort, love etc. into our home. I call this a simple and complex topic because it does seem like a simple thing to do and yet it is complex because it’s not something that can be done once, never to be worked on again. It is an ongoing effort and something I come back to each and every night. It’s also something that seems to constantly evolve and requires consistent fine-tuning as children grow, schedules change and the world’s standards become further and further from God’s standards.

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Having gospel art in the home is not necessarily a topic that we talk about often in my church each week, or something that we are reminded to do all the time like we are with prayer, scripture reading, fasting, etc. It’s also not a topic that I would say I focus on making a priority each day. However, I do believe that having gospel art can be a powerful tool in making our homes a House of God.

I am a visual learner and have always been able to retain information in a deeper and more meaningful way when I am able to see the content as I learn. There’s something about having that picture in my mind that helps me more easily recall and pull from as opposed to just hearing something. Maybe this is where my love for photography comes from and why I feel so strongly about taking pictures to go with our experiences. Seeing an image has a profound effect on me as it stirs up memories and feelings of an event or moment in time that I would normally not be able to remember.

I feel that the same concept rings true when it comes to gospel art or spiritual quotes. We have great conversations with our children during scripture study about different gospel topics, and we can see that those lessons and ideas are really starting to sink in, especially with our older children. However, it is easy to get swept back up into the chaos of life as they go to school and participate in sports and their other daily activities. I find myself thinking, “how can we help keep those little gospel lessons and topics in the forefronts of their minds?” Surely they do remember and recall things we talk about as they encounter different situations, but having visual reminders is another way to really ingrain important topics.

I prefer to scatter gospel art throughout our entire home as opposed to only having it in one certain room or area. It allows me to place those fabulous visual reminders of what’s truly important in different areas where I know we will see them and seem them often. For example I have this painting in my playroom of a temple, or one of the buildings of worship in my faith. It was a gift from a friend and while this may seem like a strange place to have a custom treasured work of art, I think it is perfect because here I know my kids will see it multiple times each day.

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In addition to pictures of religious leaders in my faith like Joseph Smith, our Prophet, and Jesus, I also like to put spiritual or uplifting quotes in each of my children’s rooms. Again I know they will see them multiple times every day as they go in and out of their rooms. These types of quotes or printables are easy and inexpensive to print and allow me to change them out as often as I want. I switch them up based on things we are either focusing on as a family or things that I know would be meaningful for that child.

Right now I am loving the concept of being a light and letting your light shine. We are constantly talking to our children about being examples and standing for truth and righteousness no matter where they are or what they are faced with. Not only is this important in keeping themselves faithful and morally clean, but it is also a way for them to share their light and knowledge with those around them.

This print is hanging in my other boys’ room and I just love the message reminding them that they were meant to shine and stand out as examples to all those around them! You can find this free printable on my blog HERE

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I created this print for my girls’ room because it is a reminder that true beauty comes from within. The world is constantly giving girls its standard of worth and beauty and I want them to see this every day so that they will never forget how beautiful they are in the eyes of their Heavenly Father, and that the most important beauty for them to focus on is what’s inside. You can download this print for free on my blog HERE.

Having gospel art in our home is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to having a House of God. We are working each day to make scripture study, prayer, and dedicated nights with our family a priority. It’s a constant work in progress and something we will never stop focusing on. I love that gospel art is a small and simple way for me to bring more of that peace and spirituality into our home. And I pray that as we see these little visual reminders each day we will take them to heart and be a little better in all that we do.


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