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We are excited to introduce the first post in our newest monthly series: Family Lessons! Once a month we'll be featuring new contributors who have created a family lesson to help you and your family build faith together. We can't wait to show you all the goodness that is to come! Our first family lesson is by the fabulous girls over at The Apricot Tree. They have put together a lesson + game + treat all rolled into one—genius!

Family Activity Night: Valentine’s Candy Box Questions

With Valentine’s Day coming up next month we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a lesson focused on love. God is love. As Thomas S. Monson said, “Love is the very essence of the gospel, and Jesus Christ is our exemplar.”

We’ve prepared a little activity to teach this all-important principle that is super simple and can be adapted to suit your unique family dynamic. This is part game, and part lesson. It’s also a treat all rolled into one, so it doesn’t get much better or easy!

Love: Candy Box Questions
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Love: Candy Box Questions
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To prepare for this activity, use a re-purposed Valentine's chocolate box and fill it up with an assortment of candies and little treats. (Pretzels and popcorn would work great in there, too.) We separated ours with cute cupcake liners. Underneath the treat in each liner, place a strip of paper with a question about love. We have provided a list of questions for you to print off and use!


To introduce the principle of the lesson, show your family the candy box closed. (They will start to get excited!) You may ask, “What does the heart shape represent?” “What do we celebrate on Valentine’s Day?” You can use a scripture or the quote from above to remind your family that Heavenly Father loves us with a perfect love, and that he has commanded us to love one another. This activity will give the whole family a chance to think about how much we are loved, and how we can love others more.

Learn + Play:

Each family member takes a turn choosing a treat they want to eat. But before they can enjoy their choice, they must read and answer the question on the bottom. We wrote questions that would be appropriate for tiny tots like, “How do you know that Mom loves you?” and some more involved ones that will ask you to turn to the scriptures to answer.


Some of the questions invite the whole family to think and discuss together, and some even ask you to complete a small task. To use the questions just download, print, and cut into strips. You can pick and choose the ones that will work best for your family, and you can also easily add more of your own.

Keep taking turns until all the treats are gone! Tummies will be filled, and everyone will be feeling the warm fuzzies after an evening of expressing love to one another.


the apricot tree

Aimee, Leslie and Kaylie are three sisters and best friends who love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of that they are dedicated to promoting the joys of womanhood and motherhood through sharing ideas and inspiration on their blog and instagram @theapricottree