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This family lesson is part of our Strengthening Family Series. We're grateful to collaborate with Kelsie Christensen of Kelsie Rae Designs who created and designed the lesson in the hopes that it will help you grow closer to Christ all summer long!

In our family we try our best to spend one night each week teaching our children some sort of gospel related topic. This special night is something my four year old daughter looks forward to, and sometimes requests to do several times a week! I know the hype won't last forever so we are taking full advantage of her eagerness and willingness to learn. Since I have small children we keep it simple, usually with a picture and a short discussion, but every once in a while I like to pull out fun visuals to make the lessons a little more memorable and interactive. I sometimes have a hard time finding these visuals online, and so I was excited to make a lesson with visuals to share with all of you!

One of the most important things I want my children to learn is the blessings and power that come from following Jesus Christ throughout their life. With summer here, I thought it'd be fun to do a Fishers of Men lesson focusing on how we can follow Jesus Christ each day through everyday activities and service.


We tried this lesson out with our family and my favorite part was the end when we made goals together and individually. It really gave us an opportunity to talk about things we should be doing in our lives to keep Christ at the center and really follow him just like the the apostles did in the Bible. I feel like we think about service so much in the Fall and Winter and sometimes we don't make as big of an effort in the summertime. I hope this goal list can help your family find joy in summer service.

I included ideas on each of the fish you can print out from the button below, but here are a few other ideas to add to additional fish or your list of Christ centered goals: Keep the Commandments, visit the elderly, love one another, read a bible story, donate clothes or toys to those in need, say your personal prayers, study the life of Christ together as a family, have family prayer, pray for someone you know, do your chores or obey your parents without complaining, strive to have a positive attitude each day, attend church, make a new friend, be kind (even when others are not), visit or take a treat to someone, help your mom or dad make dinner, weed your neighbor's yard, invite a family or friend over for a BBQ.

Ready to get started!? Simply download the PDF below for a lesson, fishing game, coloring page, and summer goal sheets for the whole family!

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Thank you to Kelsie Christensen for creating this beautiful lesson! Kelsie is a designer, mother, and art enthusiast. You can visit her Etsy shop or website to see more of her work or follow along on Instagram

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