Family Lesson | Obedience — Wings to Fly!


Team member Jeni Awerkamp has created this family lesson for you to go along with October's theme of obedience. We hope this lesson will enhance your experience with your study of obedience as you share with your family. We love the way Jeni has used airplanes and aviation as a way to help kids (and us parents too!) better understand obedience. Let us know how it goes with your family!

One of my favorite analogies for understanding obedience is the process of an airplane taking flight. It has been a light bulb switching "on" for me, clarifying in a bright way why obeying God's commandments and doing His will is a blessing. Pilots have to follow rules and steps to get up into the sky. Spiritually, we get to follow rules and steps from our loving Heavenly Father to also beautifully fly.

Enjoy the short, easy-to-adapt lesson below to teach your children or those you care for—from adults, to teens, to toddlers—about the blessed principle of obedience (I love obedience)!


- A computer, tablet or phone to watch two pilots preparing for takeoff in an airplane cockpit. Click the following to watch: (length: 3:17)

- The Bible for reading and discussing a few scriptures on obedience (listed under "Discussion" below).

- An airplane for a fun visual! Round up a toy airplane, or make paper airplanes together as a family, either before or after you teach.



Fact 1: Pilots follow the rules - every time - when revving up the airplane, and ultimately, taking off into the sky. They push they correct buttons, pull the right levers, and shift the correct gears, as they have been taught. They taxi along runways in exact ways in order to ultimately get themselves to a pretty phenomenal place of freedom: the sky!

Question: Imagine if a pilot believed that he could "switch things up" and not follow the correct procedures for take-off - where would he go?

Answer: Nowhere! Literally, due to the nature of the airplane, the pilot has to follow the prescribed steps of taxing and take-off if he wants to get his plane up in the sky. He has to obey in order to fly.

Fact 2: We get to obey God's laws + do His will and not ours so that we can fly, too. God has promises us beautiful blessings when we are obedient. If we follow Him, He will help us soar in our relationships, school work, professions, and personal pursuits. In life, He knows the right buttons to push, levers to pull, and gears to shift to get us on the path to follow to fly. He teaches us what those processes are in the scriptures. You can get specific, personal, perfect steps to follow from God for your life, too, when you pray and ask to know His will for you.

Discussion: read and talk about the scriptures below on both the principle of obedience, and how/when others obeyed God and were blessed

Genesis 22:15-18 
Abraham was willing to obey God's command to sacrifice his only son, Isaac, and just Abraham's willingness to obey granted him tremendous blessings from God.

Matthew 7:21 
Just saying that you follow God isn't enough. Taking action is the answer! We need do His will to fly.

John 7:17 
When a commandment from God is confusing and seems hard to follow, just try it out—try your best to do what God says, and notice how you feel after you obey.

Question: Have you ever prayed to know what God needed you to specifically do? How did following His commandment for your personally bless your life and change you?


And that's it! Except for one more thing—toss in some packets of peanuts for a little treat (then whip out an array of drinks and plastic cups if you want to go all out)!

All too often, being obedient to God is masked as being burdensome. But I believe this with my whole heart: obedience to God is an absolute blessing! So far in my life, trying my best to follow God's laws, along with His direction through personal prayer, has pushed me to climb to some awesome heights where I've felt true freedom—His power from obedience being the wind beneath my wings.

copy + images by
jeni awerkamp