Family Lesson | Gratitude, 10 Ways


We are doing something a little different this month for our Family Lesson. Instead of just one lesson we've created, we've rounded up a list of 10 of our favorite lessons on gratitude! We hope you enjoy one (or maybe even a few) of these great ideas throughout the month and beyond!


1. Give With Thanks

Source: The Small Seed

I'm sure you won't be surprised to find this lesson at the top of our list! In years past we've dedicated the month of  November to a month-long service challenge—which includes 4 weekly lessons, a tree to track service, prints, and video clips all in one packet! We love Give With Thanks! And although we aren't highlighting it on the blog this year (because of a project we'll announce soon for December!) many of us are still following along with the activities (how can we not?!). If you decide to hop on board this year post a picture and tag us by using #thesmallseed or #givewiththanks. We would love to see what you are doing!


2. Gratitude Stones

Source: Fireflies and Mudpies

This lesson is an old tradition with a new twist! It includes this super easy craft using glue + tissue paper to get make these rocks your own, and then 5 thoughtful and creative ways you can use them to teach gratitude to your children.


3. Books to Teach Gratitude

Many of us use books to teach about Christmas and other themes, but have you ever thought of using the same method to teach gratitude? I absolutely love the idea of grabbing a few (or all!) of the books from this list of 19 of the top books to teach gratitude, and reading them together.



4. Gratitude Boxes

Source: Meri Cherry

I think there's no better way to teach a child to feel gratitude than to help them expressit, and giving gifts is a great way to do this. Especially when the gift is handmade! This craft is a little more intensive if you choose to go the route of making watercolor creations for each child (which I totally love because these kinds of crafts are so classic!), but an easy way to simplify is to have children make their own thank you cards to give away!



5. Family Gratitude Devotionals

Source: Frugal Fun for Boys + Girls

We love this daily devotional idea, and thought it was such a special way to incorporate scripture and remember God during this month of gratitude. Each daily lesson includes a verse from the Bible and questions to prompt some good discussion. Each mini lesson lasts under 10 minutes and there is one for each day. What a wonderful resource!



6. Gratitude 'Cootie Catcher' Printable

Source: Bren Did

Who knew these were called 'cootie catchers'? Maybe I'm just waaay behind the times since my obsession with these in 4th grade, but whatever their name they're sure to be a hit! Each flap has a question underneath about gratitude, which makes this a fun lesson + activity rolled into one!



7. Nature Appreciation Walk

I love this activity idea because it can literally be done anywhere, whether in the mountains, on a long afternoon drive, or in your own front yard. Taking a moment to enjoy God's creations and the beauty around us is something we all need a little more of. This post has some fabulous ideas (like creating a simple poem together at the end of your walk) as well as questions to ask. We also thought this post included a darling way to show gratitude, by bringing some birdseed to give back to nature as you are out!



8. Gratitude Conversation Prompts

I keep a little box of "family conversation starters" (which is just a whole bunch of random questions cut up in a box) in my cupboard for dinner time. We end up using them about once a week at dinner usually because my kids are begging for "the question box." They love this! This month we are using these questions all about gratitude, and doing it on a daily basis (or as close to as we can get!). These prompts can be used as good questions for young kids, or even as journal prompts for older kids.



9. Biblical Thankfulness

Source: Ministry to Children

The whole idea of these lessons is that true gratitude comes as we come to know God and Jesus Christ, something you all know we fully believe around here! These lessons are targeted toward older kids and use scriptures and activities to help teach children the true nature of gratitude.


10. Count Your Blessings Tree

Source: Somewhat Simple

A free tree printable! I love this visual, especially using the little circles for pictures of family, friends or objects you are most grateful for. Isn't this a perfect way to visually count your blessings?

We truly have so much to be thankful for, and we hope that these lessons will help you as you teach your kids about the power of gratitude this month!

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krista horton