Best Deals On Our Favorite Faith-Based Artwork


My family and I recently bought and renovated our first home (and got to do so in a really fun way with the help of the Property Brothers, but we'll save that story for another day)! While it's been a lot of work making this home ours, I am so happy with how everything turned out and it feels so good to be in a home that feels like us. However, one of the hardest things for me has been deciding what to put on the walls. I remember with fondness my parent's artwork, and I have specific memories where my prayers were answered and my faith grew because of faith-based artwork. Because of this I really wanted to find pieces that spoke to me and my kids, and would inspire and teach them.

It was with these feelings that I found some of my favorite pieces and shops, and thought it would be fun to share them with you! And best of all, every single one of the shops has offered to do a special discount for the Small Seed community!! I love the thought of parents, siblings, and grandparents giving meaningful gifts like these for Christmas! See a list of all the shops and discount at the end of this post!


Latter-day Home has become my new go-to for faith-based art. We just hung this picture in our entryway, and I am so moved by it every time I pass. I love all their pictures of the Savior, and just really feel like all the art at Latter-day home speaks to me! I'm so glad I found their shop, and love that they not only have options for canvas and framing, but have budget-conscious options in almost every piece of art, offering them in different sizes, and as canvas or prints as well!

They have some other fun things like pillows and tea-towels, and a genealogy chart that's next on my list to get, as well as an option to have a quote of your choosing designed! If I'm not careful my whole house is going to be filled with this shop. Since art is so personal, I really love their idea of gift cards, as well. For Small Seed readers use code smallseed to get 10% off and free shipping on all orders over $100 (huge on those big paintings!) until the new year!


Sarah Jane is one of my favorite illustrators who just captures childhood in an amazing way. I love so many of her prints for my children's rooms, but especially her "Be" series, this sweetest nativity print, and the I Am A Child of God Print below!

It comes both for boys and girls, and you can specify the color for the hair (my little girl thinks it's her in the picture). Use code SMALLSEED for 20% off your order!


3. Letters and Laurels: I know lettering is all the rage, but this girl has such a unique and beautiful style. I have a couple of her prints, and am loving them up in my little girls room! For 20% off use code smallseed until the 15th!


I love this shop for its beautiful watercolor prints and quotes, and found my favorite version of my favorite scripture here! There's nothing like Proverbs 3:5-6 in my book.

It is such a peaceful shop, and I feel like so many of their prints are so versatile for any room in the house. This shop is offering a free 8x10 with any order, just make sure you mention it in the notes at checkout.


For some reason finding art for my boy's room was the trickiest for me, and I love this Joshua 1:9 bear print I found here! It is the perfect blend of boy and faith, and I think a good fit for his room. And they're so sweet to offer you 30% off when you use the code smallseed at checkout.


Alexa has such a darling style, and had so many perfect pieces for my little girls rooms! I bought this one plus 3 others, and my girls love them! She also has some really great Christmas art up in the shop right now that is so cute. She's offering 25% off your order with the code smallseed.


If you guys are like me and like to change out your art, these magnetic frames are my favorite thing! Letters and Company makes changing out artwork a cinch, and the wood really works for any style of art! They also have some great prints, and I'm loving their Christmas ones! Use code SMALLSEED for 25% off your entire order!


I've saved one of the best for last! I've just found this shop and am in love. I bought this print here, and love that they do custom orders as well! You can use code smallseed15 for 15% off your order!

Just to recap, here are the best deals on my favorite faith-based shops and prints, with their discount codes!

I hope you find something you love for you or someone you love as you're thinking of Christmas gifts this year, and that you include some meaningful gifts under the tree this year!

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lizzy jensen