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Last week, I took my little girls grocery shopping as part of the “feed the hungry” initiative for #LIGHTtheWORLD. I explained to them that we were shopping for kids who don’t have enough food. A local food pantry told me that around the holidays they especially need canned fruit, juice and other foods kids enjoy. I explained to my four-year-old, Cheri Ann, that she and our two-year-old, Rosie May, should pick out their favorites, but we weren’t taking it home for us. I told her giving the food to others was a way we could show our love for our Savior and be Christ-like.


A look of concern crossed Cheri’s face. “Mom, I don’t want Jesus in my heart,” she said as she clenched her hands over her chest.

Quite surprised, I inquired further.  

“Because I want him here with me.” She looked at me with pure humility and trust—eagerly hoping I could make this happen.

Kids often say what we wish and feel, but are too “grown up” to express. I’m grateful for my sweet little girls who see the world more simply than I do and who yearn to feel of His love. They are sometimes better at giving thanks and recognizing the need for Christ in our lives than I am.

Inspired by my daughters’ giving, tender hearts and personally wanting to give back—I was motivated to create My Good (, a new and engaging online platform for charitable giving. I wanted to develop new ways that people—even my kids—could participate in service.


My Good, which launched in beta mode last month, allows users to nominate friends to be a ‘hero’and participate in challenges for charity. If the hero completes the challenge, the pledges are processed for the selected nonprofit. The best part - My Good takes no cut of the donations. Our goal is to give people the chance to have fun while doing good for nonprofitorganizations (see non-profits here) that need their help.

Over the past year or so, I’ve poured my heart and soul into this site with the hope of making a difference. I know that you, too, may be looking for a way to be a force for good and involve your children in what you’re doing it. My hopes is that My Good will provide an opportunity for you, which leads me to today’s #LIGHTtheWORLD theme.

Jesus showed humility and so can you.

From washing his disciples’ feet to feeding the hungry, our Savior gave the purest love and service to others with no regard for himself. The depth of His humility allowed Him to perform the atonement, the ultimate expression of love and sacrifice, for us all.

Being humble isn’t about being weak or passive, but rather strong in heart. It means turning our focus outward when the world would tell us to focus inward. It means using our talents and abilities to selflessly bless the lives of others. It means lifting others through our words and actions. It can mean not taking ourselves too seriously and embracing—even celebrating—the imperfections that make each of us unique. It can mean opening up about a challenge or difficulty we are experiencing.  

How can we show humility as an act of service and gratitude this season? Well, we have some ideas for you! It doesn’t have to be hard. I believe it can even be fun!

My Good has teamed up with a number of amazing individuals, who are letting their good hearts shine. They are participating in challenges that celebrate a spirit of humility and are using My Good as a platform to benefit deserving nonprofit organizations in the process.

We’d love for you to check out some of the awesome challenges our friends are participating in! It’s easy for you to join too!


Show off your biggest and best jump in public. Better yet, Boomerang it to give those sweet moves the perpetuity they deserve! Laughing at yourself is a great way to stay grounded.


Kate Hansen - a member of the 2014 USA Olympic Luge team (@k8ertotz)  

Courtney Ericksen - of Henry and Claire Apparel (@pumpkinandthebub)

Katelyn Jones - blogger at A Touch of Pink Blog (@katelynpjones)


Share what your homework hour (or hours!) looks like with your family! Keeping it real - all for a GOOD cause!


Jenna Rammell - blogger at Small Fry Blog. (@jennaskitchen @smallfryblog)


Roast a friend…with boasts! Film a short video explaining what makes your loved one great. When you post the video, challenge that person to pass it forward and boast about someone else. Show humility by raising someone else up!

Jennifer Stagg - news anchor/designer/blogger at With Heart and Stagg Design (@jenniferstagg @staggdesignshop)


We’ve all got ‘em—embarrassing housekeeping hacks! Have you ever hid a bag of laundry in the bathtub because company was coming? Or that kitchen drawer…you know the one. Post your funniest “dirty little secret” when it comes to cleaning house.

Jenna Kim Jones - comedian/ @jennatries)

How can you get involved?

  1. Pledge - contribute toward one of the challenges above.

  2. Participate - comment on one of the My Good challenge pages above - asking to be nominated to complete the challenge.

  3. Nominate - click ‘nominate’ on one of the challenge pages to pass along the challenge to a friend (simply enter their email address in the ‘hero’ line).

  4. Share - share a challenge on social media. Be sure to tag @sharemygood. Even if you don’t pledge, you can make a difference by promoting challenges and encouraging others to get involved.

My Good is about good people doing good things for good causes. Be that person! I know you have the heart to make a difference. I invite you to join us in helping our amazing charity partners that can do even more good with your support. Can’t wait to see how you #LIGHTtheWORLD with challenges for charity today and throughout the year!

P.S. If there is a charity you would like to support through a challenge on My Good, let us know (!

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