Light the World: Feeding the Hungry | Jenna Rammell


For Light the World Day 7, guest-poster and blogger Jenna Rammell is sharing what it means to her to feed the hungry, and how our service brings us closer to the Savior. Thank you for sharing Jenna! You can connect with Jenna on her Instagram here, or follow her great ideas at The Small Fry Blog here.

For me, feeding people is the ultimate gesture of love: to sacrifice your time, efforts and to create food with loving hands and fill a belly full of the nourishment it needs. I love to have people in my home and especially in my kitchen—it is the center of our home and my heart.

I think of the Savior in The Last Supper, using His strong hands to lovingly break bread for the disciples. I am sure there were others who would have offered to do this task but I know Jesus Christ and know He insisted on serving even in those final hours. I know that at times He must have felt very weak, scared and exhausted but the service rendered lifted His soul and gave Him the energy he needed to endure.


I know that serving others has given me an unearthly strength. I am deeply and profoundly grateful for this gospel that gives me opportunities to serve outside of myself so frequently. Whenever I am feeling low, sad, confused or picked on, serving others blesses my life and allows me to see other people as God does. For this particular challenge I enlisted some friends to bring frozen meals to my house and together we gathered 24 and were able to feed 4 families in need. I hope these sweet families feel of the Savior's love through this month as they partake of these meals so lovingly prepared by my sweet friends.




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