Light the World: How Family History Honors Your Parents | Rhonna Farrer


To celebrate the Light the World Initiative, each day this month we're going to be highlighting some of our favorite people to share their service ideas and what service means to them. We're excited to kick it off with Day 2: "Jesus Honored His Parents and So Can You", and we've invited Rhonna Farrer to share how she honors her parents through family history. We love you Rhonna!

What better way to honor our parents, grandparents and great grandparents than to connect my heart with them through stories, photos and memories?

As for my parents—I am blessed to still have them here on earth so I love to take advantage of time with them. I love to hear their stories and memories about their lives. I have such love and respect for them when they tell us about the difficult times they’ve gone through and the attitude of gratitude they still had. I pull out my phone, tap the FAMILY SEARCH MEMORIES app and hit ‘record’ as they are talking and sharing. Nothing is going to connect my heart more than replaying these stories and HEARING their voices when they are gone.


My grandparents have passed away, but recording my memories and photos and stories of them has brought so much JOY! I'm the oldest grandchild on my maternal side and I knew my grandparents well. I can share my memories with my younger siblings and cousins via Instagram using our own family hashtag. Honoring their lives has connect the hearts of our whole family even as we are spread all over—thanks to social media!


I didn’t know much about my great-grandparents, but my dad recently gave me a 450-page book of my great grandma’s personal history where she shared her story and memories of her mother and grandmother—my great great grandma and great great great grandma!  I have read these stories and felt such a connections with them so I’ve started telling my own children about their lives- their faith, hope and love have impacted us greatly! I'm so grateful for family ties that truly bind. I feel connected to them and I FEEL their strength. It’s real. I believe THIS is one of the reasons our Savior asked us to honor our parents, grand parents and great grandparents—because He knew the connection, love and strength we can feel from them and how it can bless our lives.

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