Light the World Day 17: Jesus Cared for His Mother | Kelly Jensen


For as long as I can remember my mom has worked. When I think about it I can picture her in her steel toed boots, worn Levi's and an extra starched white shirt, making dinner or washing dishes after a long day at the steel plant.  She never stopped.  Now that I am a mother, I realized how overwhelmed she must have often felt.  Pulled in a million different directions, trying to juggle and balance it all...No doubt at times, she felt like throwing in the towel...but I don't remember her like that. I remember her brushing my hair, and helping me with homework.  I remember her picking me up from gymnastics and waking me up sweetly on Saturday mornings, I remember her tracing words on my back at church and blowing on my neck when I was hot. I remember her Faith, her love and her happy smiling face. I remember her there with me. Even when she wasn't.

Today's prompt for the #LIGHTtheWORLD challenge is: "Jesus honored his mother and so can I".

I have been thinking for weeks how I could honor my mother show her how much I truly love and appreciate her and what she means to me and the rest of the people who know her.

My mom is so selfless and constantly serving others,  and although I cannot go back 30 years and tell her during those long days and extra shifts how much I appreciate her...I can show her now by acknowledging her hard fought efforts in others.


I asked my mom to help me do a little project to honor other working women who might need a little pick me up and of course she said yes.  Little did she know that (with a little help from my sneaky husband, supportive daddy) we were also trying to honor her and the bright light she is in this world.

I know if Christ were here, he'd wrap his arms around all of us. And acknowledge our efforts and selfless love. Tell us we're doing just fine and if we are tired to lean into him for rest and hope.  So that's what we tried to do for Him today.

Together our three little generations of women worked to put together these small treats packages with the card below.


We went into stores and offices and gave them out hoping to honor all of you hardworking mothers in every form: in heaven and on earth, aunts, grandmothers, friends, and mentors.  Whether you are on the job at home, in an office or among the community, we will know you by the hope in your pocket and your heart that's unwilling to quit.

As we gave the treats out and told them we appreciate them we cried, and they cried and we laughed because you know it just isn't easy. And it's nice to know we're not alone.

I know there can be tender feelings about motherhood.  Ways in which we wished or hoped things could be different—about relationships or our own motherhood. But if we look at our lives, there will no doubt be women who gave us all they could, loved us most when we needed it and instilled in us the things we treasure about ourselves.  Whoever that is for you, maybe give them a call, a hug, a quick note.  You could tell them you are grateful for all they've done, or try to serve them in some way.  Or maybe like in my case, honor them by trying to spread their love to others, because that's what they would do...

If you find yourself thinking that your efforts are too small or insignificant to matter...let me tell you. They matter. We definitely wish we could do more, but in the spirit of this challenge we know that with Christ our efforts are enough.

During this beautiful Christmas season may we not only remember the women who have so lovingly mothered us in all forms, but also Mother Mary. Who carried our Savior so selflessly. Who knocked on door after door looking for a place with room enough for them. With hope and faith in her pocket she did all she could to care for him, to love him and to raise him to be the man he is. The Savior of the world.  It is amazing what God can do with a mother's love.

To all of you 'mothers' out there in every form. My mom and I honor you. We love you and we wish you a very Merry Christmas this holiday season.  

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