Light the World: Jesus Helped People Walk | Brandon and Shelby Osmond


For Light the World Day 10, Shelby and Brandon Osmond are each sharing their thoughts on today's service and what the Light the World campaign means to them. We love this family and the light their family is, and feel so honored to be sharing their words here today, plus a special video message they have they have for you at the end of the post! You can connect with Brandon and Shelby on their blog here, and their Instagram here. Thank you Osmond family!

Shelby's Perspective:

"If you don't walk like most people do some people walk away from you...Jesus walked away from none, he gave his love to everyone...I'll walk with you I'll talk with you that's how I'll show my love for you."

Ever since I was little this primary song from my church has sunk deep into my heart.  I grew up with a sister who was mentally and physically impaired; you name any impairment from the book and she probably has it. I saw it first hand when my sister would walk up to a person, and that person would turn and walk away. As her sister it was very difficult to watch, and as a family it would cut wounds. However, out of those wounds there would be a kind stranger, or a good member of our congregation who would take the time to acknowledge my sister and walk with her.


Looking back on all my experiences with her I have really seen how it has shaped and changed the way I have interacted with those of all walks of life. Christ isn't concerned about the way someone walks, whether we limp, have a wheelchair, have fancy shoes, or no shoes at all. He sees past the social status, the impairments, and takes the time to walk and talk with all those that needed him.As I have thought about the 10th day of service, I've thought about those that have disabilities and their needs. I know that as I watched my sister just yearn for attention and love--even though she is unable to talk, hear or even walk very well--a smile, eye contact, and a loving touch would mean the world to her. Just as we yearn for those loving, important feelings, those with disabilities do as well. Here are a couple ideas of what you can do for this day of service, and they really can be so simple.

Find someone in your neighborhood, school, or family that is disabled. Visit them, write a note, or make a goal that every time you see them you give them a smile.

The simple service we did was to visit the parking lots of two hospitals to place flowers with uplifting notes on the cars. We put them there in hopes that spirits would be lifted and burdens be lightened.

Jesus helped people to walk, and he did it both physically and spiritually. We can too. We can can look for the outcast, the disabled, the lonely and we can walk with them. We can be his feet and serve.


Brandon's Perspective:

I don’t profess to have any grand ideas about the mysteries of the world, but I do understand that the simple things are often grand because they're easily understood. That’s what I do for a living. I try and make complex ideas seem simple, more specifically creating ad campaigns that are easy to do and easy to apply. In fact, for the past two year of my professional career I have helped the LDS Church come up with campaigns for the Easter and Christmas campaigns, and then design and build them.

This year’s Christmas campaign is by far my favorite that we’ve put out for the world to see. Just by tying two scriptures together there has been magic: "I AM the light of the world" and "YE ARE the light of the world.”

During Christmas, service is definitely on everyone's mind. I know it’s on mine—when everything stacks up until it becomes kind of overbearing. The to-do lists are longer and longer and the spirit of giving is magnified and in the end we feel like we are barely able to do things for ourselves. But with the "Light the World’ campaign we are able to attach the true meaning of Christmas to the things we may be already doing, giving it purpose.

So the service we did to go along with the theme for the day—Jesus helped others to walk and so can you—made sure that people in the hospital over the holidays had something that helped them get back on their own two feet and keep fighting the good fight. 

Christmas is service and the spirit of Christmas is the Spirit of Christ. So go out and serve and feel the Spirit of Christ.



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