Light the World Day 11: Jesus Ministered to Children | Kailee Wright


Today for our Light the World series, Kailee Wright is sharing a sweet way she and her family served children in the hospital. We love these ideas, and seeing how all of you are choosing to serve this month! Thank you Kailee for your service, and sharing your good heart and sweet family with us! You can connect with Kailee on her blog here, and on her instagram here

Jesus ministered unto the children and so can we....Jesus was such an amazing example of serving the little children. He never let one feel unwelcome nor he was never too busy for a single one of them. This month I have committed to try and be more in the moment for my littles, and make sure they know how much they are loved.

Every year during Christmas our family decides together on one bigger service project for the month of December. This is something our family started doing a few years ago and the feeling that comes from giving service is something I never want my little people to forget + it always brings us back to the most important thing, and that's helping and giving to others.

This year the kids put together baskets full of goodies, toys, games and more for one of the children's hospital that my husband has worked at. They came up with the idea all on their own, which made it that much more meaningful. They put baskets together (for their own age group) of items that they loved or thought would be fun and entertaining in the hospital. It was really neat to see all the thought that went into each item. They would discuss it with each other and then ask me or Joe if we thought it would be a fun toy or activity to add to their baskets for the children that were sick at the hospital.


That night we came home and put together all the baskets. The kids kept trying to put themselves in the shoes of the children at the hospital...they kept talking about what it must feel like to have to stay several nights in a hospital, they talked about making frequent visits to keep the children company, and so on.

The way their little hearts opened up and the love and service they wanted to show was beyond moving. The next day we and dropped off the baskets to the children at the hospital. Our people were so excited and afterwards kept saying how good they felt inside. It was such a great experience and they still talk about it today + all the other ideas they have to serve others this month.



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