Light the World: Jesus Showed Compassion | Jamie Cook


For our Light the World campaign, the lovely Jamie Cook of Wander and Scout is sharing how she chose to visit the lonely for Day 16. We love Jamie and her generous heart, and creative mothering! You can connect with her on Instagram here, and on her website here. Thank you Jamie!

From the moment I first heard about this Light the World campaign, I was passionate and excited about getting involved. Immediately I began scheming up big ways I could serve. “I’ll host a blood drive” I thought. “I’ll organize a holiday party at refugee center downtown!” Before long my big ideas had me feeling overwhelmed and inadequate.

That’s when I realized that the Lord wants me to show compassion in simple ways as I’m guided by the spirit. He wants me to serve using my own talents in my own way and in my very own neighborhood and community. Don’t get me wrong, I know He thinks the big ideas are wonderful too, but right here and now I know he doesn’t want me to run faster than I have strength. With four little kids at home right now, let’s be honest, my strength is limited!


So what could I do to show compassion like the Savior? Christ was aware of the pain, sicknesses, infirmities, and loneliness of all of his fellowmen. What could my children and I do to help those who may be suffering?

My kids and I brainstormed ways we could serve from home. We compiled a list of friends who are scattered throughout the country who are dealing with some really tough stuff: battling cancer, mourning the loss of a loved one, recovering from surgery, etc. We decided that the best way we could show compassion was by creating paintings to mail to these loved ones. So we set to work.

We got out our watercolors, turned on a Christmas movie, and began creating. The kids worked hard creating masterpieces of flower gardens, Christmas trees, and candy cane forests. They wrote encouraging messages alongside their artwork. I love to paint and hand letter so I created some paintings with uplifting quotes and scriptures.


As we painted, we talked about the various trials these friends are enduring. Receiving a painting in the mail definitely isn’t going to be life-changing; it’s not going to remove their heavy burdens and it’s not going to heal their infirmities. But we hope that in some small way, these simple little masterpieces created by little loving hands will help our friends remember that they are loved and remembered.

I’m grateful for this chance to reflect on our Savior’s mighty and meek ministry and the innumerable ways He shows compassion to all of us in our times of need.

copy + images by
jamie cook