Light the World Day 12: Jesus Taught Others | The Fancy Farmgirls


Thank you Fancy Farmgirls for sharing your good hearts with us, and inspiring us to serve more! If you want to learn more about how to connect with refugees in your area, find more information on their blog post here. We love all their projects and ideas, and you can connect with them on their blog here, or on Instagram and  Facebook. Thank you ladies!

Jesus Taught Others and So Can You. We didn't set out to change our lives. We set out for the Red Box. We wanted to kick back and enjoy a movie. What started as a typical Friday night, became the catalyst of a life changing experience that we are still luckily right in the middle of...A movie about Africa. A movie about refugees. It peaked my interest a bit, but surely I didn't  need to add to an already over scheduled agenda. At the risk of sounding dramatic, the movie changed our lives!

A year and half later, I’d love to introduce you to my friend Sarah. We grew up on different continents, in drastically different worlds. Our race, religion, upbringing, and language, give us little to build a common ground on, and yet, we are true friends in the truest sense of the word.

After viewing the documentary, our family signed up with our local refugee resettlement agency where we were matched with Sarah as a family mentor. We set out with the intention to teach her. Teach her about our culture that she was now a part of. Teach her tangible life skills. American cooking, shopping, currency, transportation. And yet, in doing so, she has taught us so much.


God has a perfectly flawless system of teaching and serving his children. He asks us to serve. Serve one another. And in doing so, we the giver are blessed along with the receiver. A win, win.

"Teaching" Sarah has taught us of hope, and her deep deep faith in a Savior who has her best interests at heart. She is a living example of finding joy amidst all the brokenness. A perfect example of resilience and keeping faith in a God among so much loss.

Our whole family has been able to be involved with local refugees whom we now consider dear friends, from visits to the local zoo to planting and harvesting a garden together.


We've shared a lot of "firsts"...her first car. First time seeing a movie on the big screen. To having them as honored guests at our daughters wedding.

Christ's call to teach and lift one another has blessed mine and my sister's families. This is a cause that has become near and dear to our hearts. A lot of days you can find my sister and I sprucing up old furniture or doing room makeovers on our blog. But I’ll  tell ya what, no cute room redo or furniture transformation even comes close to the good friendship and fulfillment I’ve received from reaching out to my friend, Sarah.

If you’ve ever had the desire to help in this area, here’s your nudge to do it! You’ll be so glad you did.


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