Light the World: Visiting the Lonely | Lynn Muir


For our Light the World campaign, the lovely Lynn Muir is sharing how she chose to visit the lonely for Day 9. We love Lynn and her generous heart, and creative blog! You can connect with her on Instagram here, and on her website here. Thank you Lynn!

When I started to think of how my family could accomplish the Light the World challenge for day number nine, visiting the lonely, a few thoughts ran through my mind. I thought of the elderly and the homeless, but near to my heart was the “new mom”.  It might seem strange to think that during the excitement of bringing home a baby someone could feel lonely. Along with the excitement can come challenges and emotions we are not always prepared for, sometimes leaving us feeling a little lost in motherhood and unfortunately lonely in our new calling as a mother.

I have had some beautiful visits from family and friends after having a baby that has left lasting impressions on my heart. Fortunately for my family, one of our sweet neighbors had a baby boy last week! We waited until after they had been home a week to ask to come see the baby. Before we went I asked the mom if I could bring her over her favorite drink and a treat. We also gathered up a treat and coloring book for her 3-year-old, then set out for our visit.

We took turns holding the sweet baby while my children also helped entertain the 3-year-old. I sat with my friend and chatted for about an hour—asking about how she was feeling, how everything was going, name choices, how “big sister” was adjusting, funny birth moments, our Christmas decorations, all kinds of things! We just sat as friends and visited.

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I often think of Mary during this time of year. I can’t help but turn my thoughts to her and the conditions she was in when she brought a new baby, the Savior, into the world. One of the most beautiful parts of her story is the special visitors she received shortly after having baby Jesus. After one of her visits it says:

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

— Luke 2:19

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, taking the time to sit and simply talk to a friend or even a stranger can be one of the greatest gifts we can give. I believe it will leave a mark on the hearts of those we visit and on ours as well.

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Lynn Muir