Study Guide: Discipleship | January 2017

Image by LDS Media Library

Image by LDS Media Library

Hello friends! We have missed you! We've taken a few weeks off to be intentional about what 2017 holds for The Small Seed and are thrilled to share some of what we're planning, as well as some exciting news. First and foremost, we are so excited to share our 2017 theme with you: Come Unto Christ. Coming unto Christ is the main focus of all we hope to do here, and we look forward to growing in faith alongside of you as we focus on Christ together. We believe that "walking in [Christ's] way is the greatest achievement of life" (Ezra Taft Benson), and are so excited to make this our main focus in 2017.

To kick off our 2017 theme, we've chosen for January's theme, "Discipleship."

All too often when we think of the word "disciple" we can think of someone who is perfect, which, we don't know about you, but this rarely looks like us. However "the word for disciple and the word for discipline both come from the same Latin root—discipulus, which means pupil. It emphasizes practice or exercise." (James E. FaustBeing a disciple of Christ means that we are his students, learning from his life and daily struggling and practicing to understand the concepts and attributes that made him who He was. Christ is the way, the truth and the life, and we can Come Unto Him as we become His committed disciples.

That man or woman is most truly successful whose life most closely parallels that of the master.

— Ezra Taft Benson

We look forward to spending the remainder of this month studying as disciples along with you, and are so excited to also announce that we will be continuing our monthly study guides! You can find this month's guide at the end of this post.

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We are also excited to share some other exciting news with you including:

  1. We are over the moon for our team member Tiffany Webster who has just signed a book contract all about her journey in coming unto Christ, and how it helped her overcome her battle with perfectionism and anxiety. We know this book will be a beautiful platform to bring others to Christ. Follow her over on Instagram at @tiffany.webster to get the latest updates!

  2. We have just welcomed a few new team members, who are not only incredible but an answer to prayers, but incredible women. We can't wait to introduce you to them!

  3. We also just held our first Instagram Live, and loved hearing feedback from our community of other things you'd like us to see, and had some wonderful feedback we'll be praying over. Among them were podcasts, live devotionals, and more. We would love to hear any other feedback of what you would love to see from us as well!

We can't wait for all the good to come this year, and pray for all of you as we seek to Come Unto Christ together in 2017!To download January's Study Guide click below:


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