Study Guide: Infinite Worth | February 2017


I'm excited to share this month's study guide on Infinite Worth. A topic that I believe will change your life faster than any other. The day I became grounded in 'Whose I was", everything changed. I found freedom, peace and contentment. Grace began filling the cracks of those flaws that I had always hated about myself and hurtful words never had the same effect on my heart and self-worth. It's empowering! (You can read more about how I've learned to love myself HERE.)

"There should not be anyone here tonight who has a low self-image. How dare you or I to have a low self-image! We are the sons and daughters of God! We belong to Him. We are His children. He gave us birth. He gave us life. That knowledge alone causes every man and every woman, when they understand it, to rise and walk with their head held high. Yes, that is a great blessing."

— M. Russell Ballard

Infinite Worth
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Infinite Worth
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We live in a world that constantly makes us feel inadequate, like we'll never measure up. It is my prayer that as you study your infinite worth - you'll begin to see yourself the way God does. The way He always has.

Beautiful. Powerful. Valuable. And Needed!

For you are His, and nothing will ever take that away from you. Ever. I testify that God loves you. Every. Last. Piece of you. And that's enough.

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