Our Personal Scripture Study



One of the most frequent questions we get at The Small Seed is how to study the scriptures. As we prepared for this month's theme of God’s Word, we thought why not share how we personally study the scriptures with you! We know that studying God’s word is unique for everyone, so we created a short video where we each had a chance to talk about our feelings and methods for our personal scripture study.

Some of our favorite tips are:

  • Start with prayer.

  • Think of specific questions you would like answered, and record them.

  • Keep a journal handy to record thoughts and impressions-writing down feelings and thoughts allows God to trust us with more revelation, and helps us remember.

  • Experiment and utilize variety in your study! Study in the way that spiritually feeds you, whether that is reading straight through the standard works, studying specific topics or a combination of both.

We hope that by sharing how we immerse ourselves in the scriptures that you will be able to find your own unique way to make God’s words more meaningful to you.

We would love to hear your scripture study routines and what works best for each of you, share over on Instagram or in the comments below (and we may even feature you in a part II sometime in the future!).

We love the scriptures and know that when we study God’s words, we will hear His voice and receive greater peace in our lives. Spending time in God's word is always worth it!

With love, The Small Seed Team