April’s Theme: Prince of Peace


“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Just one day before he was to be crucified, the Savior’s parting message to his disciples was centered on peace. I wonder how the apostles felt hearing His words? I imagine it must have been so comforting, as they grappled with the fact that they would be losing their master. I wonder if the Savior’s invitation to put aside fear and worry surprised them. Or perhaps they already knew that His peace surpassed any peace of the world, for didn’t he have power to calm the storm? Didn’t he walk on water?


Hundreds of years before, Isaiah had given the Savior the title “The Prince of Peace.” How we need that peace today! It is likely that every person reading this is seeking some kind of peace, whether troubled by sin, the loss of a loved one, financial challenges, job uncertainty, political unrest, health problems, struggles in marriages and families, or for any other reason.

We need peace. We need the Prince of Peace.

This month at The Small Seed we will be focusing on peace, and more specifically The Prince of Peace, and want to add our witness with Isaiah (and every other prophet before or since) that the only way to lasting peace is by coming unto Him.


As we focus on peace this month we have a few initiatives that we’re excited to share!

  • The Prince of Peace Campaign. For the 8 days of the Holy Week, we will be participating in the Prince of Peace campaign, andfocusing on 8 principles of peace. You can find out all about the broader campaign here, and participate with us by sharing your own stories and experiences with peace on your own social media channels, and tagging us and #PrinceofPeace, and we’ll share your posts with our community during the week of April 9-16! Also to help you track the initiative with your family, we’re grateful for designer Melanie Burk, who has created a free downloadable calendar for you to hang and use to follow along with the Prince of Peace campaign! She’s also created two free gorgeous prints for you to download and use, find it all by clicking on the button below! Thank you Melanie!

  • Weekly Devotionals! After our Instagram Live in January, we’ve been thinking and praying about how to bring more live content to you! This month we’re going to kick off live devotionals, and one night each week a member of our team will be leading a short devotional on Instagram Live, followed by a discussion about the posts from the week followed by a short Q&A. Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook to chime in on times and what you want to cover!

  • The Study Guide is back! After missing a month of our study guide, it’s back for April! Thanks for your patience last month, and we’re excited to help you dig back in the scriptures as we focus on peace this month!

  • We’ve got an amazing Family Lesson coming your way, with a journey through the Holy Week. We can’t wait to share it with you!!

We can’t wait to dig into this month’s content, and are so grateful you’re here. We hope you always feel peace as you spend time with us at The Small Seed.


Melanie is a designer, teacher, collector of happy, and lover of life. She’s got a dreamboat husband and three little girls that have taught her to find the beauty in a messy, joyful life. She believes that life is for loving and believing, and that the only thing really important is helping others to feel that same eternal joy that comes with love and belief. You can find her here: Website / Instagram / Online Shop

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