Study Guide: Grace | May 2017

Welcome May! As spring is in full bloom, so are our hearts here at The Small Seed. We're ready to dive into "Grace" with you, but first—some exciting news!

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For the last few months we've been praying to know how to connect more deeply with YOU, as well as have a place where each of you can connect and learn from each other. To meet this need we're excited to announce that we're launching an all-new Facebook Group called The Small Seed Tribe. We feel like this group is going to be a really good fit! As well as being a place for community, we truly hope that it will help you know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in your journey of faith.

This group page will be the place where we get to dig into the discussion on our Study Guides (how cool is that?), and really share more easily our thoughts and what we're learning with each other! Additionally, not only will this page foster a beautiful community and wealth of knowledge and goodness, but you will also get sneak peaks into what we have coming up on The Small Seed, and request ideas and resources for our upcoming content!

We can't wait to see you over on our Small Seed Tribe on Facebook, and don't forget to download the study guide on Grace by clicking the link below. The discussion will be happening now, so download below and then come say hello!