Family History for the Whole Family | #52stories


We are excited to share with you a project put together by some amazing people over at FamilySearch and Allison Kimball with handlettering by Kensie Kate. We love these cards that help you tell your story and can't wait to show you some practical ways to get sharing, writing or telling your family history NOW!  

YOUR STORIES MATTER. You do know that, right? But finding the time, motivation, and inspiration to write them down isn't so easy. Where do you start? What events should you include? What details should you leave out?

While you're the only one who's qualified to answer those questions it never hurts to seek out a little bit of help.

The #52stories project provides the inspiration you need to write down one story every week for a year, bringing you 52 steps closer to completing your personal history.


The #52stories project is a set of beautiful, handlettered cards with questions on each to help you make journaling, storytelling and sharing so much easier! Make this practical and make it happen now by printing the cards and placing them in a place where you go every day.

Try putting them in your car to read during the ride to school each morning or for some good road trip conversations. You could use them at dinner time each night or once a week around a special meal with the whole family. Set them next to your child's bed for a nightly conversation. You could use them for your next family lesson and take turns asking questions to each family member. How about trying out a question on a weekly phone conversation with a grandparent, parent or child? The options are endless!

Go here to download now!

And if you are looking for some more in-depth ideas, new cards and some great ideas, visit Allison Kimball's site here, here, here, and here!

copy + images by
krista horton
allison kimball

lettering by
kensie kate