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One of the biggest challenges we've found in "doing family history" is bringing to life the people and stories, that too often seem distant and removed from our minds and our time. Whether as children or as adults, the names in our family history can, well, seem just like names.

We've found that having those names represented visually, and even better, with pictures, is one great way to help remind us that they are real. As we learn these stories, and then see them visually represented, they come to life!

A Family Tree
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A Family Tree
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Artist Sarah Jane Wright had this vision in mind and so graciously offered to share this gorgeous family tree, that can be printed big enough for everyone to see and interact with. This print can be taken to a local printer and printed as an engineer print (24x36, or larger, for around $5) like you've seen here in the past with our Light the World Christmas Initiative and the Holy Week family tradition! 

The download not only includes the large tree, but also a page of frames you can print and use to "hang" your family pictures to the tree.

There are so many ways you can use this in your home! Here are a few ideas:

  • Have the tree printed out in a large size and take to your next family reunion. Have everyone write a family history memory in one of the frames!

  • Pick a day each month to tell your family stories to each other, or to your children. Hang that family members picture so you can associate the face with the name, and story!

  • Print the tree and frames in and 8.5x11 size so each family member can color and hang their own tree. (see below!)

  • Hang the tree with your immediate family members pictures on it. Use it to help you to remember to check in with them, pray for them, or tell more stories.

We know when our history is right in front of us, we will think about these family members more, and naturally talk about them. Have any other ideas to use this download? Share with us below or over on our Instagram @thesmallseed!

A huge thank you to the talented Sarah Jane Wright for sharing her beautiful artwork with us! We love this tree and frames and know you will too!

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Krista is the Editorial Director and loves that she gets to share and connect with others about two of the most valued things in her life: belief in God and her family. You can connect with Krista on Instagram @kjohorton.


Sarah jane wright

Sarah is an author/illustrator/textile and product designer for kids. Connect with her on her website, blog or Instagram @sarahjanestudios.