Study Guide: Family + Personal History | October 2017


Hello all and happy Wednesday! We hope you have had a chance to read the fantastic posts that have gone up in the past days. Family history and personal history are topics that are new to some, dear to many, and inspiring to all who take time to ponder. We just know you will find yourself motivated as you continue studying with us this month.

Family and Personal History
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Family and Personal History
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So without further ado, here is this month’s study guide! In its pages we’ll read about:

  • How the scriptures themselves powerfully illustrate the importance of family and personal history record-keeping,

  • How the sharing of our personal histories strengthens and enriches generations and preserves precious values,

  • and How learning more of our family history can help us see things as they really are: that we are one family, all children of God.

Also included in the study guide is a 21-day challenge to delve deeper into family and personal history and, in so doing, help fulfill Malachi’s prophecy in our own lives.

“And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers…”

– Malachi 4:6

We can’t wait to study alongside you this month! Share your insights and experiences on Instagram and Facebook, making sure to tag us #thesmallseed! Be on the lookout for Instagram stories and posts focusing on the 21-day challenge. We look forward to seeing what happens as you dedicate time to your family and personal histories!


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