The Small Seed Symbolism + New Aesthetic

Hello friends!  We are excited to share what The Small Seed team has been working on for the past several months—a new look and website.  We are thrilled to have a new home for these beautiful stories of faith, bites of gospel inspiration, and resources for faith-based families! A big thank-you to everyone who has helped with this transition, especially the talented Brooke Williams for contributing her many skills.

Planning the new site and aesthetic, we did a lot of thinking about how to represent this beautiful community of believers which we are each a part of.  A few symbols came up repeatedly as we contemplated The Small Seed’s beginnings, purpose and goals:

As a community, our number-one goal is to celebrate the Light and Life of the world, Jesus Christ.  So, light is a powerful symbol in the new aesthetic.  Quality of light, depth of shadow, natural sunlight, sparks in the darkness, guiding light—they’re all a part of this journey of faith.  Light is essential for growth.  All of life on earth is fueled by the sun, and likewise our personal growth is fueled by the Son of God.

We each bring our own seeds of faith to this community.  We bring our potential and desire for growth, however humble.  Some aspects of our faith may be as a mustard seed, but we honor each one.  We choose to nurture these seeds because of their great possibilities. That is why we are all here at TSS.  One of God’s most hopeful creations is the seed.  And, as women of faith, we understand that small seeds grow into strong trees.

Great things come from humble beginnings. We all have times when we feel small.  Maybe our belief feels fragile, or an aspect of our testimony underdeveloped. Sometimes we ourselves feel small—our efforts, our motives, our progress…It’s easy to feel minuscule in an overwhelming world.  As a community, we can bring our small selves as a pledge, as an expression of faith in the adage that from small and simple things are great things brought to pass. What a fascinating paradox! Like the widow’s mite, powerful faith is expressed in small ways. 

The cultivation process has four parts: plant, grow, harvest, rest.  The seasons of the year correspond: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.  Our experiences with faith and our discussions at TSS follow these same patterns of life.  Whether we’re designing faith-centered back-to-school traditions for our children or finding a deeper reverence for Easter in our own hearts, our cycles of faith move us.  We choose to find hope in whatever season we’re in—both the seasons of the Earth and the seasons of our lives. 

You’ll notice a lot of green, organic patterns and wood-grain in the new aesthetic. We’re celebrating growth.  Our own growth is the goal, both individually and collectively. At TSS we use plants to symbolize our common hope of cultivating faith.  Additionally, all of nature is a reminder of God’s reality and love, so we want to revel in it. Even the tiniest leaf bears His signature, and the grand vistas of the Earth proclaim His greatness.

Lastly, you'll see we've added the tagline Women Growing Faith to our logo.  Picture us together, symbolically bent over our fields and ploughs, working side-by-side in a great labor.  As women of faith, we understand that we reap what we sow, both physically and spiritually.  Here at The Small Seed, we're blessed to dig in together, nurture our belief in the Savior, support each other as we strengthen our roots, and share the fruits and flowers of discipleship.  We're growing our faith, together.

We hope you each feel welcome and represented here in this new space.  Hopefully it feels like home to you, a place where you can find other believing hearts, comfort and inspiration.  We hope this new look facilitates our common desire to find more meaning and beauty in life.


Creative Director