January's Theme — Review + Renew

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A few years ago I heard of a strange phenomenon of the ships that dock at Portland, Oregon. The port is 100 miles from the ocean, and to dock there requires the difficult navigation through a dangerous passage through 2 different rivers. Yet despite this difficult journey, many ships of many nations regularly make this journey for one reason.


Barnacles are small saltwater shellfish who like to attach to the hull of boats, and then cover themselves with rocklike shells. Though one barnacle may not make a big difference, as the ships sail through the saltwater seas many barnacles can attach themselves to the ships, resulting in drag, inefficiency, and slower travel times. To combat this problem some captains take their ships into dry dock, and then painstakingly chip away at the barnacles—which is an expensive and time consuming process.

This is where the magic of the Portland port comes in. Ship captains know that if they can get their boats to the sweet, fresh water of the rivers and the Portland port, barnacles can’t live, and so will naturally die and fall of the boat without effort, or can be easily taken off. The ship is then free to go back to the oceans ready to sail. (Story found here.)

As I thought about 2018, and our January focus this month of “Review and Renew”, I thought about how we’re just like these ships. As we travel through life we can unknowingly allow sin and bad habits to attach themselves to ourselves. However, as we take time to be in the sweet and fresh waters of the gospel, we will be renewed in Christ and better able to sail and do the things God has in store for us.  

As we begin 2018, we want to thank you for growing your faith alongside us! 2017 was a special year for The Small Seed, and by the grace of God and a lot of hard work we launched a new website, and added some incredible women to our team. We hope that these changes (and a few more exciting ones to come this year!) will allow all of us to continue growing our faith this year.

We wish you a wonderful 2018, and are excited to take this month to review and renew our faith and resolve this January!


Lizzy Jensen

Lizzy is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Small Seed.