5 Ways to Use January's 'Review + Renew' Study Guide With Your Family

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I have to admit to being somewhat of a New Year's Resolution nerd. For me, it has slowly become something more than a time to start a few things vigorously on January 1st that I never finish (although trust me, I've had plenty of New Year's Resolution-ing years that are just like that!) but instead a time to take a deep breath, look back at the last year and look ahead. One of the reasons that our theme for this January of Review and Renew is so great is because it is focusing on just that—looking back to look ahead. With renewal and excitement. And most importantly, adding God into our dreaming and planning. God told Isaiah:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.
— Isaiah 55:8

Just think how much more we can accomplish and the greater vision that can be ours when we incorporate God's help! This is true not only for us as individuals, but also as families and couples, which is why I wanted to share 5 different ways that you can use the study guide to get those closest to you in on all the fun, too!

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1  |  Use our January study guide as a family lesson by holding a discussion on looking back and looking ahead, review and renew. Share thoughts about setting goals with God, big or small and how He helps us when we ask .  

2  |  Plan an at home date night with your spouse and work through our January study guide together with your relationship and family in mind.

3  |  Print copies of the study guide for your children and take time one on one with them to help them review and renew their personal goals.

4  |  Create a family vision using the study guide, then plan and set goals accordingly. 

5  |  Hold a family counsel and use the study guide to aide in the discussion. 

You will find in the study guide a print of the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3,

To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heavens.

Just as each of our seasons in life, our families, and our family situations are different, so are our goals different. Different seasons and circumstances of our lives will also bring big and small visions, goals, or plans, but being intentional about adding God into our families will always have lasting results.

We would love to see how you have incorporated this month's study guide into your home! Tag us by using #nourishtheseed. Happy goal setting!


krista horton

Krista is the Editorial Director for The Small Seed. She lives in Utah with her husband, Zach, and their four children. You can connect with her on Instagram @kristajohorton or on her new podcast called The Scripture Study Project (co-hosted with Zach!) here.