Study Guide: Finding My Purpose In Christ | February 2018


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2018 is off to an incredible start! We sincerely hope you enjoyed digging in to the Review + Renew study guide along with us. SO many of you shared your insights, experiences, and thoughts along the way and we are so grateful you did. We love hearing (and seeing!) how you’re using the study guides! Please continue tagging us in your posts, emailing us, or direct messaging us on Facebook and Instagram. Not only do we feel uplifted and edified every time you share the ways you’re learning and growing, but we benefit greatly from all kinds of feedback. Thank you


In February, we are delving into one of the age-old questions: Why am I here? 

This is a question that comes from deep within us, from our need to know who we are and where we’re headed, from the Light of Christ that is given to everyone. This question is no respecter of persons. We all, as children of God, have a longing to know. 

Finding My Purpose in Christ
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Finding My Purpose in Christ
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While the world might suggest focusing on oneself when trying to discover one’s purpose, we know that the answers the world gives are rarely adequate. Instead, let us turn to the ultimate example, the Savior, Jesus Christ. 

By studying

  • Christ’s unique purpose and mission,

  • the experiences of those who knew Him,

  • the role of adversity in His life and ours,

  • and the importance of developing Christlike attributes,

it is our hope that each of us will receive personal revelation relating to our purpose, our God-given gifts, and the ways we can best fulfill our potential as children of God and joint-heirs with Christ (Romans 8:16-17).

We hope you will join with us and continue to share your insights. We love you. We are blessed daily by the association we have with you and the support you give us. Here’s to another month of study, and getting better every day.


megan grant

Megan Grant is the Study Guide Editor for The Small Seed. A wife, mom of three, and erstwhile attorney, she is on a quest to create a joyful life sustained by grace and the power that comes through obedience.