Well done, good and faithful servant | A Family Lesson on Talents

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While we are not all equal in experience, aptitude, and strength…we will all be accountable for the use of the gifts and opportunities given to us.
— James E. Faust

One of our favorite family night activities last year was our Family Talent Show. Children always welcome an opportunity to showcase their newfound skills and hobbies, and this was the perfect opportunity! Since this month at The Small Seed we are focusing on finding our purpose in Christ, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this lesson. As parents, we desire each family member to have confidence, and take pride in their unique talents and abilities. Along with a little talent show, this lesson will help you remind your family members that they have been blessed with many gifts from God.

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Depending on the size and age of your family, you may choose to separate these activities—one night for the lesson, the other night for the talent show. 

Announce in advance (a week should do) that your family will be putting on a small talent show, and that each member should prepare something to share. Remind them that talents vary greatly and can include performances, magic tricks, jokes, a piece of art, even a culinary dish. You may invite family members to share talents by setting up decorations, creating a program, etc. Anything goes! We have included a poster and program (found at the end of this post) that you may want to download and customize. 

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Before the talent show, gather the family together for a short lesson reviewing the scriptural account of the parable of the talents. (see Matthew 25:14-30


Chocolate coins, or paper coins with different talents written on the back. I typed mine and attached to the back with a glue dot. Talents can include things like, “a great listener,” “accomplished dancer,” “great basketball player,” “peacemaker.” Write as many as you like and hide the coins around the room before the lesson begins.

You may also wish to use one of these short videos that recounts the story of the talents: this one is of the Savior teaching the parable, and this one is more suited for young children. 


Play one of the short videos, read the story of the talents (see Matthew 25:14-30), or summarize it in your own words. Remind children that a talent in this story refers to a piece of money, whereas in our day it refers to a special ability. 


After reviewing the story with your family, use some or all of the following questions for discussion: (borrowed from here)

1  |  How do your talents differ from your friends’ talents? Your family members’ talents? Why does Heavenly Father give different gifts to each of us?

2  |  How can we show our gratitude to Heavenly Father for the particular gifts he has given to us? 

3  |  What did the servants who were given five and two talents do with their money? (Matthew 25:16–17) How do you think they were able to double their money? How can hard work be a blessing to us?

4  |  What did the servant who was given one talent do with his money? (Matthew 25:18) Why do you think he did this? (Matthew 25:24–25) Why do you think some people don’t develop their talents? What happens to people’s talents if they do nothing with them?

5 |  How have you been blessed by the talents or abilities of someone else?


Have all family members pick from a pile, or find from around the room, a talent (coin). Ask teach person to explain how they would use that talent for good. After they share their idea they can pick another talent, until all are gone.  

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Explain that just like in the parable, our talents vary. This is wonderful! The Lord is not concerned with what talents we have or how many. He desires that we work to develop them, that we enjoy them, and that we use them to bless the lives of others. By doing this, we demonstrate gratitude and the Lord can bless us more. 

Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.
— Matthew 25:23

Finally, feel free to do the lesson and the talent show on separate nights, or shorten the lesson and make it a brief introduction to the talent show. Enjoy a fun night with your family, and don’t forget to take video!

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We've included two versions of both the Talent Show Poster and the Talent Show Program in our download—
one, a PDF that can be typed on upon download; and another, a JPG version that can be used in photo editing programs, 
if you want to make it more custom. The poster is sized at 11x17 and can printed at your local copy center. 


Aimee Error

Aimee is the Traditions of Faith editor. Her best ideas for meaningful and fun activities for families usually come to her while folding laundry, packing lunches, or picking up toys. She believes love for God grows at home. Find Aimee on Instagram @aimeeerror.