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This is part four of a seven-part interview series on The Beauty of Holiness, featuring women of various religious faiths. We hope that as you study the life of Jesus Christ and ponder on the theme of holiness, you will find inspiration in the experiences of these women for how you can seek holiness in the daily moments of your own unique life situations. — The Small Seed Team
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What does holiness mean to you? 

Holiness means following my church’s teachings, even though they aren't popular in the world. It means honoring the Holy Days during the year and honoring the Sabbath day each week. No matter where we are or what activities we have on Sundays, church is not optional and never has been. I feel as though my conviction to the obligation of church has always kept me on the straight, narrow path. I have never missed mass unless for sickness or unforeseeable circumstances, even during college where nobody was making me, which I think created the unique relationship I feel with the Holy Trinity on a daily basis. As far as day-to-day practices, I try to read scripture at least once a day and a devotional at least once a week. I have signs all over our house with prayers, scriptures and holy sayings that are great reminders. I pray with my daughters on the way to school, before meals and at bedtime, which ignites my flame even more getting to lead my sweet girls to the cross.  

Are there certain spaces or places that help you draw closer to God?

Church, especially St. Michaels Abbey, which is set up in the canyon and very peaceful. I love being in nature, where it's quiet and I can hear myself think. Here in Southern California, it's so crowded, it's hard to find peace and quiet, but trails, some places at the beach and in certain churches or chapels I feel most connected to my faith. 

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I have never and will never go on any birth control. We have 4 daughters already and we are open to more kids, but we also feel like we may be complete. This is a decision we are leaving opened ended for God to bless our lives as He has planned. This isn't something we feel like we are supposed to control, which is very hard for most people to understand. I feel God's holiness when I don't plan much. For instance, my nutrition business was placed in my lap. I have a passion for health that was instilled in me by my faith and I feel like God has grown it because He wants me to reach people and I have his blessing to do so. This has been very difficult because I saw myself as a full-time stay-at-home mom, but I can't deny the work He has called me to do. Though we feel very overwhelmed at times, we have the peace in knowing that we have left many decisions open and unplanned for God to shine His light and guide our path. 

What do you do when you feel a lack of holiness in your life?

When the kids' schedules take over our day to day lives and we don't have time to just be and have no plans, I feel disconnected with our family and, in turn, in our relationship to God and prayer life. So much of our prayer life is spontaneous and blessed in the moments of nothingness. When those moments are scarce, I feel a major lack of peace and union to my holiness. It's not always easy to get around this, but challenges us to dive deeper into His will for our family. 

Who has inspired you to follow a path toward God?

My parents inspired my entire path toward God. I grew up in a family with seven kids and when we prayed, it was on our knees together. I believe that God truly blessed all of us with our faith and commitment to Him and our family. We have been through major life tragedies and became stronger because of all the time spent devoted to Him.  We also never missed mass, even when on vacation in non-English speaking countries. My Mom still reminds me when it's a Holy Day and always reminds me to be thankful and having a grateful heart changes your life. 


What can taking time to be holy do for our relationships with others? How has it affected your relationships?

Every relationship I have in my life is important to me because I feel like God established it. I pour my heart and soul into my marriage, mothering, friendships, etc. Because I do so, I easily get disappointed in others who I don't feel that kind of commitment from. It's caused a lot of growing pains for me in my adult life because I've learned most people don't see it the way I do. I've had to learn the hard way that most people only want a surface relationship and don't want to be held accountable. I personally do want to be held accountable and feel like my relationships are making me a better person. If I'm wasting time gossiping or something similar, I want my friends to call me on it. My husband and some family members and several friends have aligned in those feelings and met me where I'm at. It's truly amazing to experience friendship on that level, yet I can't hold everyone I meet to that standard. So I'm still learning how to reel in my expectations for my relationships, so I don't burn too many bridges.

When do I feel most connected to my authentic self?

I feel most connected to my authentic self when I'm in a safe place to talk openly about my faith and my mission in the health world and my mission with teaching my kids faith. With four little kids, several businesses, and lots of schedules in our lives, there isn't an opportunity to be involved in church groups or prayer groups like I used to be. I have a few close friends who can relate to my opinion on faith and the world and we are able to make time for each other and keep our families close. These few friends are in the same phase of life, understand where I'm coming from, and offer lots of prayers and support when needed. They are true friends that I've been blessed to share my soul with and not feel judgement. I also choose to share my faith often publicly on social media with the intention that Jesus has orchestrated the emotions I'm trying to express and the connection I make with health and faith. It's been fun connecting with other like-minded people that I otherwise wouldn't have. When I make those connections, I feel everything deeply and I know I'm being true to who I am and who God created me to be. 

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Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.
— Proverbs 29 & 96


Cara Clark

Cara is a devout follower of Christ, wife of 9 years, and mother to 4 daughters. Her vocation may be a wife and mother, but her trade and mission is in health! She runs Cara Clark Nutrition leading many people to living better, more fulfilling and, ultimately, healthier lives by guiding them with meal plans and empowering them to use real food as fuel. God enabled and orchestrated her mission in health and continues to bless her endeavors. She works with many celebrities, but continues to reach everyone with her simple, yet effective approach to nutrition. You can find her @caraclarknutrition on Instagram.