The Beauty of Holiness | Rachel Simpfenderfer

This is part two of a seven-part interview series on The Beauty of Holiness, featuring women of various religious faiths. We hope that as you study the life of Jesus Christ and ponder on the theme of holiness, you will find inspiration in the experiences of these women for how you can seek holiness in the daily moments of your own unique life situations. — The Small Seed Team
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What does holiness mean to you and what day-to-day practices help you to feel holy?

Holiness used to mean something very different to me. I used to think I had to be special, or be perfect to be Holy. But God has shown me over the last few years that is holiness is laughing with my children, it’s crying over loss with a dear friend. Holiness has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him. Allowing Him to speak through me, love through me, teach through me, just allowing Him to shine Himself through me. But do to all that I have to be open to His voice and His word. So everyday during the week I get up before my house wakes up and I spend time just with Him. I journal, I read the Bible, I read devotionals, and I daily, and continuously, just talk to Him. 

Are there certain spaces or places that help you draw closer to God?

Nature! Anytime I am surrounded by nature I am overwhelmed by His presence. The ocean, the woods, my backyard in my garden—it doesn’t matter where as long as I’m outside!

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Why do you feel it is important for you to designate time to focus on holy practices?

I think there is beauty in showing God love and respect. When we set apart time to honor God with our actions it’s the same as putting a love note in your kids lunch or putting a note out for a spouse. It’s taking that moment—that extra step—to say, “You are important to me, and I’m putting you first.”

Who has inspired you to follow a path toward God?

There are so many people who have inspired me toward God.  First, my parents have always been a huge inspiration. They always encouraged me to seek God with any questions and they raised to me that my identity is first with Christ; everything else is second to that identity. My husband has also been a constant inspirer, always gentle reminding me about God's love. And in the last few years I would say my very dear friend Janae. We come from different faith backgrounds, but we both have the same desire to serve God. There are so many times that we are having the same struggle, or that God is placing something on our hearts at the same moment. That in itself is inspiring. When God speaks to you and you turn to a friend and God is speaking the same thing to them?!? It’s an awesome experience!

What can taking time to be holy do for our relationships with others? How has it affected your relationships? 

I’m not my best self without Him. So if I don’t take time to connect with God, I find myself less patient, less loving, and less willing to be unselfish. Not being right or close with God trickles down into every part of my life and all of my relationships. I think I’m the best version of myself when I allow God to shine through me!


How do you make holiness a priority in your life? How do you make it a concrete rather than an abstract concept? 

I set aside each morning with God but honestly, I pray all day long. I constantly talk to God. It’s not always structured in a prayer but I constantly tell Him things about my day. I pray about others, my kids, anxieties, blessings and thanks whenever they pop into my mind. I think sometimes we get caught up with, “I don’t have time to pray” or “I can’t take time to journal”, but when we see it as a burden it will always be just that, a burden. Instead, treat holiness as a necessity and you will quickly find how easily you can make room for whatever He calls you to do! 

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Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.
— Proverbs 29 & 96


Rachel Simpfenderfer

Rachel is 33 years old and married to an amazing man who makes her laugh until she can’t breathe. They have three fantastically amazing little girls. She grew up in a Christian home and currently attends her local Lutheran Church. She received her BA at a small private Christian school and currently works as an office manager/insurance biller. Her passion is women in the church and she will be going to be going back to school to get her MA in counseling, to fulfill her desire to help and reach out to women who sometimes can get lost or misdirected inside any church.