Growing Faith Together


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Our theme for this month, as well as our study guide, reflect our mission at The Small Seed: we’re women growing faith. I love to picture us cultivating greater faith in the same way that sowers tend the fields. I see us nurturing seeds of belief, bent over our fields and ploughs, side-by side. It fills me with hope to see you all in my mind’s-eye—just a stone’s throw away—choosing this work just as I am.

When we look to nature as our guide, we are learning patterns of life from the Master Teacher, Designer, Creator, and Author of our faith.

We’re united in a common goal and we glean help and support from each other. I like to think of the conversations we have here as our way of digging in together. We learn by example how to plant, tend, harvest and share the fruits of our faith. It feels like a great work, perhaps even a forgotten way of life we are working to preserve.

That’s why, at The Small Seed, we need each other. Although we may be separated by distances and circumstances, here we are on the same plane (or perhaps, plain). It is so good to be reminded that we have friends in this effort!

As in nature, so it is in our own lives. Fields take a lot of tending. It seems that as a rule, the conditions of our world have contributed much to our landscape. Perhaps not all of it is of our choosing. We have to decide what we will allow to grow in our gardens, what we will encourage, prune, graft in, or weed out. I appreciate this space where we can find support in sensing the invasive trends of the world for what they are and clear them away from our tender shoots.

We each bring our own seeds of faith to this community. We bring our potential and desire for growth, however humble. Some aspects of our faith may be as a mustard seed, but we honor each one. We choose to nurture these seeds because of their great possibilities.

light of the world by walter rane

light of the world by walter rane

One of my favorite passages of scripture is in Matthew 6, describing the lilies of the field. Jesus Christ states that, “Even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these”. My heart swells with the truth that “all things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it…” (Alma 30:44) as Megan Grant discussed so beautifully in her intro to this month’s study guide. When we look to nature as our guide, we are learning patterns of life from the Master Teacher, Designer, Creator and Author of our faith.

As women of faith, we understand that we reap what we sow, both physically and spiritually. Here at The Small Seed, we're blessed to dig in together, nurture our belief in the Savior, support each other as we strengthen our roots, and share the fruits and flowers of discipleship. We're growing our faith, together.

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Johanna Wagstaff

Johanna is the Creative Director at The Small Seed. She lives in Utah with her husband and children. She's a California girl at heart, a photographer by education, a designer by experience, a full-time mother by choice, and a Mormon by faith. Johanna chooses to write about faith because she wants to be able to articulate her hope through Jesus Christ. You can connect with her on her blog at